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We are delighted to announce that we have been appointed by Agria Pet Insurance, one of the world’s leading animal insurers. We will be supporting its UK PR and communications strategy covering, from social media to influencer marketing.

Building the specialist pet insurer’s brand awareness and visibility nationally, our strategy will cement Agria as a trusted specialist among pet owners, vets, breeders and animal rescues. We will also deliver expert content via our RICH creative division, and finally – as one of the first insurance companies to be carbon neutral – we will also help Agria hone its commitment and communications programmes regarding sustainability. Learn more about it at Prolific North.

Agria Pet Insurance join our rapidly expanding portfolio of home and lifestyle clients, including Nature’s Menu, Hizero and Kohler Mira, as well as Yorkshire Water and leading leisure airline If you want to learn more about how we can make noise for your brand’s sustainable efforts in front of the right people – get in touch.


No one could’ve missed the fact that COP26 was taking place. Activists and leaders alike flooded to Glasgow for the two-week conference, with the aim of putting their heads together in as much as social distancing allowed, and establishing the next steps in saving our planet.

But COP26 is not just about heads of countries creating targets. It provides a great opportunity for people on every level to think about the impact that they make. The run up to and aftermath of Cop26 gives sustainability matters greater traction, more airtime and increased progress up the corporate agenda.

But two months on, which companies have sustained this momentum? Two of our clients, Cauldron and, have taken dramatic steps in the wake of COP26, concentrating on their social responsibility and reducing their negative impacts on the environment.

Cauldron has reached a huge milestone on its efforts for sustainability. Working with them to deliver it’s Veganuary campaign, we announced that this month Cauldron has achieved it’s 100% carbon neutral certification. In accomplishing carbon neutrality across its entire portfolio, they have become the first UK-based meat-free company to do so, leading the way for sustainability in this sector. have launched a huge offset scheme as part of their sustainability strategy in September. This strategy is one of the largest offsetting schemes offered by an airline, and since the first day of this year, all of their ground operations are carbon neutral. Steve Heapy, the Chief Executive of and Jet2holidays said, ‘The launch of our carbon offsetting scheme today marks the first major step in our journey to net zero.”

Other notable efforts are dairy giant Arla’s new sustainability strategy. At the end of 2021 Arla Foods launched its most ambitious targets to date, in order to accelerate the transition to sustainable dairy production. Arla have more than doubled their carbon emissions reduction plan, aiming to cut emissions by 63% in 2030 and working to being carbon net zero by 2050.

Birmingham-based Energym launched in 2021. It is an innovative and inspiring example of how technology is evolving to work in harmony with our planet. This self-sustainable Birmingham-based gym retrofitted their existing equipment, allowing the energy generated by people working out to be reused. A spin class of 30, for example, is able to power a home for 24 hours. An exciting reminder of the increasing number of technology-based solutions that are combatting climate change.

Throughout 2021, Too Good To Go continued to expand its food waste reduction movement in America. Combatting waste by partnering with restaurants, supermarkets, cafes and hotels, they provide customers with discounted surplus foods. Already in 17 countries and quickly growing throughout the US, Too Good To Go is a clever way of encouraging people to make small life changes in order to positively impact the environment.

But the influence of Cop26 won’t be felt in the run up or immediately after, it will be demonstrated in years to come by the sheer depth of transformations that it inspired when looking back. All of these changes are vital in encouraging and motivating individuals, businesses and world leaders to reflect and revaluate their impacts and motivate future generations to learn from past mistakes.

If your business is making concerted sustainable changes and you want to share the news with your stakeholders, checkout our sustainability services or get in touch today via


With Veganuary in full swing, KETTLE Chips’ exciting new online shop, means it’s never been easier for everyone to satisfy their much-needed crisp fix via the click of a button, regardless of dietary preferences. The brand-new website offers not only bundles of KETTLE Chips’ classic seasonings but also the brand’s delicious range of vegan friendly seasonings, delivered straight to your door. KETTLE is giving crisp lovers the chance to browse the snacking aisle from the comfort of their home and what’s more, all the core vegan flavours are available, meaning shoppers will be spoilt for choice as they explore the wide selection of flavour combinations available from the UK’s number one hand cooked crisp brand.

Whether shoppers are looking to stock up on KETTLE’s renowned vegan seasonings for an up-coming party, want to introduce non-vegan friends and family to the world of KETTLE’s vegan offering, or simply want an excuse to try the brand’s extensive, bold flavour combinations – now’s your chance with KETTLE’s one-stop-shop.

To keep us snacking during Veganuary, the exciting new online shop includes KETTLE’s Vegan Crowd Pleasers bundle, giving shoppers the chance to sample the brand’s range of delicious vegan seasonings, including the award-winning Vegan Sheese & Red Onion, Lightly Salted, Sea Salt & Balsamic Vinegar of Modena and Thai Sweet Chilli seasonings.

If the Vegan Sheese & Red Onion is your favourite seasoning then you’re in luck as it is available in a box of eight and for those who know exactly what they want KETTLE is giving you the perfect opportunity to stock up via its case of 12 sharing bag bundles or 18 single bags

This exciting offering comes after KETTLE Chips announced the launch of its bold new campaign ‘There’s more to KETTLE than you think’. This creative demonstrates a strategic change in direction for the brand, while challenging consumers to stop sleep-shopping in the snack aisle and embrace the entire range of KETTLE Chips seasonings. You can learn more about the amazing range here.

If you need support launching your product, get in touch to learn how we can leverage your sustainability.


We’re delighted to announce that we have been appointed by Cauldron Foods, a leading British plant based food brand, to support it’s UK PR strategy. The win adds to an impressive range of clients amongst our rapidly growing Food & Drink division, examples such as; Stonegate Pub Company, Distill Ventures and The Dalmore.

Cauldron Foods has been creating delicious, award-winning plant based food over 40 years. Headquartered in Stokesley, North Yorkshire, the company offers a wide range of vegan and vegetarian great-tasting products that deliver – above all else – flavour, flexibility, and satisfaction.

We were briefed to deliver creative ideas to announce the fact that, as of January 2022, Cauldron Foods has 100% carbon neutral certification across its full range of products.

Tom Lindley, Cauldron Business Unit Head at Cauldron Foods, comments: “We’re always striving to improve the impact we have on our planet and the launch of our new Korean Bites sees us move our products into the Carbon Neutral space for the first time. We wanted to ensure that consumers were aware of this fantastic development in our journey and were incredibly impressed by the strategic and creative approach pitched by The Lucre Group. Our work together in preparation to launch this Veganuary has been a great partnership and as such, we look forward to an ongoing relationship with them.”

Tamarind Wilson-Flint, Director of The Lucre Group, said: “Plant based is increasingly on people’s radars and as a result, the market has become more and more cluttered. Our campaign concept is one unique to Cauldron Foods and all about communicating their journey from plant based products to planet based products. A perfect alignment with their entire range being certified as carbon neutral and a truly authentic way to ensure it is their name on everyone’s lips. It’s such a wonderful and worthy brand to work with and our results speak for themselves.”

Read the feature on Prolific North here. If you want to learn more about how we can support your brand on it’s sustainability journey, get in touch.

Sustainability Stars in our Specialist Sectors

Rishi Sunak has put his foot down at COP26, announcing that Britain’s biggest firms must play their part in tackling climate change. It’s a bold and brave approach, as it means they’ll need to roadmap their strategy for net zero without hiding behind a greenwash screen, being assessed annually on their efforts. Those that fail to deliver could face sanctions in the form of fines or the removal from the stock exchange – a move to show that he’ll hit them where it hurts if they don’t comply.

This will undoubtedly impact all businesses, but here at The Lucre Group we specialise in key sectors where we have unrivalled expertise and insights. With this in mind, we’ve picked through the press releases that made the cut in both the mainstream, trade and marketing media to share our favourite stories of the sustainability season:





Co-op has long been known for leading the way with its sustainability measures, so it has widely been deemed clever and appropriate for it to take the bold step of ‘rebranding’ six of its store fronts as ‘CO-OP 26’. An impactful image, particularly in Glasgow where the conference is being held, it helped show the retailer’s commitment to radically reducing its carbon contribution and its goal to becoming a Net Zero business by 2040. Read more about it on Prolific North.





Launched a few weeks before COP26, likely in a bid to avoid the sheer volume of sustainable storytelling during the conference, Selfridges shared its commitment to helping to counteract the Christmas wastefulness with a pop-up pre-loved toy shop selling collectables, antique stuffed toys and classic board games. A clever nod to the nostalgic and planet-conscious consumer, the high-end retailer will undoubtedly win on 2 fronts, both in terms of the public’s perception of its commitment to sustainability, plus improve footfall during the festive season. Either way, it’s a bold move from a retailer which has traditionally prided itself on selling the newest and best of everything. Read more about it on Time Out.





The Travel Foundation has used COP26 to announce its role in providing support for a newly-launched Glasgow Declaration on Climate Action in Tourism. It will be working with the UN World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) to ensure businesses can work towards decarbonisation, adapt to climate change and support ecosystem regeneration. Read more about it on Travel Weekly.





Single-use plastics are one of the biggest plights on our planet, with bottled water being in the inner circle of carbon-emission culprits. However, a revolutionary Swedish water company called Bluewater is tackling this head on. It has publicly appealed to business and world government leaders at COP26 by launching a white paper reviewing the health hazards of chemicals released into the ocean from millions of single use plastic bottles dumped into our oceans and landfills every year. The paper worryingly confirmed that the endocrine-disrupting chemicals found in single-use bottles posed the number one threat to humankind. Read all about it on IT-TECH NEWS.


If your business is seeking an agency that understands how to deliver sustainable campaigns that have meaningful impact, click the link to find out more about our services and complete the contact form for a call back.

Successful Sustainability Storytelling

Sustainability has quite rightly become a source of inspiration and a necessity to almost all brands DNA. However, when it comes to sustainability storytelling, some have fared better than others. For the most part, the ones who’ve fallen short have not been the ones who’ve ignored it entirely but rather to those who have fallen into the greenwashing trap… over-promising or over-stating and woefully underdelivering! The idea that it’s ‘on the agenda’ with the likes of COP26 circled on all marketeers’ calendars has meant many brands have fallen into the trap of a sense of urgency, without considering whether they’re actually making an environmental difference or in fact contributing to the world’s growing climate crisis.

With that said, there’s been a great deal of incredible work done to celebrate corporate sustainability efforts and at Lucre we’re proud to have been a part of some fantastic campaigns. Here’s a few examples of the great projects we’ve been involved in:



Our brief was to create a compelling content campaign that would help Yorkshire Water in its bid to promote the importance of water conservation.

Having conducted research, we could see the region was not that engaged or informed about the consequences of water shortages, so we decided to make them a shocking reality and bring the issue home. Using photorealistic imagery of four popular reservoirs, hard-hitting stats and a 360 virtual reality experience, we visualised what Yorkshire could look like in 2071 if we didn’t take serious action.

Residents and the media were invited to attend a launch event at the very spot highlighted in the VR video, allowing them to step into the future, and a QR was left behind as a legacy for learning. Content from the campaign was also repurposed for social channels and wider education programmes, ensuring the reach was truly maximised.

The result? Broad coverage in national and regional outlets across the UK as well as a bank of powerful evergreen content for use on social channels and community outreach.



Climate change is one of the most significant issues facing the UK, with innovations into finding alternative energy sources becoming of increasing importance in the media and beyond.

Northern Gas Networks is well positioned to explore the country’s views on alternative energy and opportunities for green growth in the north of England.   Our aim was to create a campaign that aligned NGN with being at the heart of developments surrounding meeting the UK’s net-zero-carbon targets.

Key to our strategy was a robust research report delivered in partnership with Teesside University and YouGov. New insight captured via nationwide and North of England surveys, along with in-depth stakeholder interviews, enabled us to investigate economic and environmental priorities and the opportunities for strengthening communities and for green growth as part of the post pandemic recovery.

Positioning NGN as thought leaders within the sustainability debate, the report included pertinent recommendations ahead of COP26 while highlighting the pioneering work NGN is delivering to support a transition to hydrogen as a fuel for the future.

In addition, a broader programme of activity, designed to position NGN as a responsible business in the region, included coordinating NGN’s press and social media support for collaborative events delivered with industry partners, such as the in-school Solutions for the Planet project that invites children to share their ideas for solving sustainability issues. In six months, we achieved 92 pieces of coverage, with a reach of 17 million.

Quick fire creative campaigns helped to create opportunities for engagement, whether aimed at primary school pupils or the elderly, seeing an uplift in competition entries of 5,000% on previous years and securing spots on local TV.



It’s no secret that the environment and sustainability often top the media agenda. With this in mind, to launch Kodak’s new Sonora printing plates, we worked with Kodak to commission a sustainability white paper, positioning the company as the thought leader in the sector.

Authored by Laurel Brunner, Managing Director of Digital Dots Limited, the ‘Process Efficiency for Improved Sustainability’ white paper was specifically targeted at print companies looking to use technological innovation to implement significant environmental and financial efficiencies within their print offerings and capabilities, in order to enhance long-term profitability.

We launched this at a press event at Kodak’s state-of-the-art plate manufacturing plant in Osterode, Germany, with key journalists from nine countries across Europe attending. The result? We secured nearly 150 pieces of coverage for Sonora in top tier industry titles across Europe, the Middle East and Africa.


If your business is seeking an agency that understands how to deliver sustainability campaigns that deliver, click the link to find out more about our services and complete the contact form for a call back.

A Day in the Life of a Business Development Director

Nick Smith-Shefford is the Business Development Director here at The Lucre Group, where he has been helping to grow the business with his creativity for the past nine years. Here, he shares a day in his life…



The alarm goes off at 5am-ish and the first job of the day is to throw on some scruffs and take my not-so-little puppy out for a walk. I do a good hour or more, walking Tucker through the country paths around Harrogate, the town I call home. This is where I start work… it gives me the headspace to think up creative ideas for the many client briefs we have in hand. As Tucker chases squirrels through the fields and woodlands, inspiration comes for a creative campaign I’m working on for a nationally known food business.

By 6:30am I’m breakfasted and showered, and we’re both ready for the day. I transfer the voice notes from my phone to my laptop and head to the doggy day-care to drop off my boy before making my way into the Leeds office.

As an early bird I am always the first in, but I find it gives me chance to catch up on my early morning thinking and turn it into something ready to share with the relevant account teams. The rest of the team start filtering in from 8am, which also means I get to have a coffee and catch up with them… the ‘water cooler chat’ is alive and well now lockdown has finally lifted!

By 9am the video calls kick in – something that seemed quite odd when home working became enforced but is now just an amazing way to catch up with those not based in Leeds. These last until lunchtime, but I manage to schedule the odd refreshment break as copious amounts of coffee are an absolute necessity before midday!



I won’t lie… I live for lunch! As soon as I’ve eaten my breakfast, I am considering this crucial meal of the day and often disturb others engrossed in work to garner inspiration. Today I’ve opted for the delights of Wasabi and as it’s a good ten minutes’ walk away, it also allows me to get away from my desk and enjoy some fresh air. When I get back to the office, I resist the temptation to take it to my desk and head down to our communal kitchen and lounge space. When we moved into our new office just before lockdown our company opted to dedicate an entire floor to recreational space, so I honour the space sacrifice, plonk myself down on one of the sofas with my teriyaki tofu noodles and put on the latest episode of Bake Off. Some of the others in the team join me and we chat about how we couldn’t bake any better, others cover their eyes, run away and scream ‘spoiler alert’.



After a busy morning of meetings, in the afternoon I dedicate a generous amount of time in a quiet corner of the office to my own thoughts. A key part of my role is to develop creative concepts for potential and existing clients, and I have found that embracing the Dutch concept of niksen (the art of doing nothing!) is the often the best way to get the creative juices flowing. There’ve been many articles about it in recent years and although resistant to it at first, after trying it for myself I found the benefits in spades. It’s why I’ve continued to embrace homeworking in isolation for one or two days a week even after lockdown lifting, as it gives us ‘creatives’ the clarity of mind to develop ideas that we wouldn’t be able to get in a busy office.

As soon as I have drafted my thoughts, it’s a change of pace to tackle a few PowerPoint design jobs in preparation for some meetings we have with prospective clients over the coming days. Luckily our inhouse content division, RICH is on hand to help with the more technical visualisations. To round off the day I cram in a few team catch ups to discuss upcoming campaign plans, plus a meeting with our NPD team on some of the amazing new services they’re developing and I’ll then be marketing. I finish the day with an Outlook blitz, catching up on dozens of emails and calendar invites.



Thanks to my being part of a flexible working business and me being an early bird, my working day is done by 4:30pm, so I say my goodbyes to the team and head back to Harrogate. I’m still in a bit of a creative flow from my day so I take more voice notes on the commute back. Once home, it’s prepping the dinner, taking the pup for his evening walk and waiting for my husband to get home. It’s midweek and we’re trying to go meat free during the week so it’s a new tofu dish I stumbled upon whilst doing some desk research for a client, accompanied by the latest episode of Ru Pauls Drag Race UK. Watching the episode gives me another amazing idea for a brief we have in… something to start the day off with a bang tomorrow!

Our Olympic podium-worthy moments

There are very few calendrical markers that unite the entire world – or at least unite in delight, competition, and celebration. Granted, the US elections have the same pull, but being united in fear is a bit passé right now. The enduring magic of the Olympics is that it is possibly the only international event that enraptures the whole world to such an extent, and for two weeks no less, which in an age of vines and reduced attention spans is quite astonishing. The power of the Olympic pull is varied, and though its sentiment has evolved over the last five centuries, the crux of it remains more or less the same – just on the scale of nations.

The Olympics is simultaneously a metaphor for the Western capitalistic mode of the individual Rand-ian perseverance-and-panache-will-prevail, while concurrently speaking to a communistic and Eastern mode of collective output reaping the greatest rewards – take the relay for example. Whereas the US elections just make you wonder if Siberia will be rendered too hot for your August hols under the new president, the games speak to mankind’s greater purpose. It also harks to our most pre-historic and base desires; who is most likely to out-run the lion and bring the antelope home or breed some evolutionarily stonking kiddies? If you’ve moved beyond that, good for you. The fact that everyone has a team to cheer, like it or not post-Brexit, is also a big appeal.

From a marketing perspective, the Olympic games is an absolute trove of opportunities: the whole world watching; infinite stadium walls to canvas, constant prime time television, endless social media commentary, virile and attractive superheroes by the spade-load who will wear your T-shirt for the right price, and every demographic imaginable at your disposal. We’ve rounded up some key Olympic highlights, trends, hashtags, adaptive campaigns, brands poised to win big, and some blinding faux pas. Now, there are no excuses if you flop at Paris – you’ve had due warning.

In Bronze – Nike with ‘Best Day Ever’

Ahead of the Olympics, Nike disseminated the latest chapter of their Play New campaign, depicting a world where anything in sport is achievable.

Featuring the athlete Sha’Carri Richardson, who received wide scale coverage after she was issued a month’s suspension having tested positive for marijuana, the ad harks to redemptive, optimistic futures and encourages the young to never give up.

Though it can be stiflingly saccharine and a little disingenuous, the ad does tap into the spirit of the Olympics in a wider sense, and in so doing bolsters Nike’s image in that it transcends the sporting paraphernalia (notably light on product placement) as if it has only been a by-product of Nike’s greater purpose all along. For making marketing seem wholesome, we welcome you to the podium, Nike.

In Silver – Birds Eye with ‘Proud to Power Team GB’

This is by no means a fantastic ad in itself – with low-production value, tepid special effects, and a hackneyed narrative – it’s utterly unremarkable. Why then, you may reasonably ponder, has it made the podium? What Birds Eye have done here is unwittingly conjure the spirit of the Olympics through their mediocrity – whatever you have in the arsenal, you can try, and you can succeed. The campaign itself, promoting a green cuisine range, highlights the power of imitation in advertising. Birds Eye is welterweight at best, but by adopting the strategy that Quorn did four years ago, using Mo Farrah as a spokesperson (a vocal vegetarian), Birds Eye has adopted Olympic athlete Laviai Nielsen – seen excelling in her sport, powered by meat-free burger patties. It’s stuck to a well-established paradigm, and not tried to be daring or new, and in doing so has delivered a solid ad that does what it says on the biodegradable packaging.

In Gold – The International Olympics Committee (IOC) with ‘What Agnes Saw’

The IOC is currently showcasing a series called ‘stronger together’, with ‘What Agnes Saw’ being the latest instalment. The digital campaign, featuring the oldest living Olympian, Agnes Keleti, and the youngest ever, Skateboarding prodigy Sky Brown, is truly exceptional.

By book-ending a century between Agnes and Sky, the IOC has filled the chasm in-between with historical landmarks in social change (female athletes, mothers, the descendants of slaves, and more) that optimistically conclude on Sky who looks to the next century of change and the overwhelming number of things that it could hold. The gynocentric perspective is here used as a fulcrum to pivot towards a celebrating of the underdog, and by doing so highlights the margins of the athletic community in such a way that it appears to make up the majority. An intelligent, considered, and genuinely poignant campaign.

Trends, Hashtags, and political statements emerging from Tokyo 2021

Tom Daley and his knitting needles will no doubt be the next crafty trend to take-off. Having knitted an Olympic cardie while poolside, Tom Daley’s Instagram account has already amassed 1.4 million followers. His rather charming, crocheted medal pouch can be viewed here.

#wishitwasawhopper is a great piece of advertising by Burger King, who may well have the best burgers and PR team of any fast food chain. The hashtag comically draws on Olympians biting their gold medals, and encourages audience participation with the promise of a free Whopper if you upload any gold bites online with the hashtag.

The respectful political protest of crossed arms is a new symbol of strength to stem from the Olympics. When 25-year-old Raven Saunders, a black and openly gay American won silver in the Shot put, she crossed her arms on the podium in a gesture that represented ‘the intersection of where all people who are oppressed meet’.

Politics and Social Change

With one in six Gen Z adults identifying as LGBTQIA+, it truly is time the world stepped up and accommodated the new generation. When Olympic skateboarder Alana Smith was repeatedly mis-gendered despite having ‘they/them’ inscribed on the deck of their board, it was picked up by social media and called out.

When looking at the gendered and queer landscape of the Olympics, it’s not a particularly inspiring sight. Though the progress is unquestionably cause for celebration, it’s very far from where it should be, and maybe it’s time to question the working politics of your team or business and make sure it’s where it ought to be.

Une bonne journée a toi, and see you in Paris.

Are we heading for an autumn of careful experiential?

As restrictions ease, us PR folk are tentatively considering experiential campaign ideas for our clients. There are already signs of these immersive brand experiences returning to our cities, but how do we balance our creativity with social distancing concerns?

At Lucre, we have become famous for our experiential campaigns and standout stunts that have garnered international recognition – but what is actually doable in a world where we can be snapped back into lockdown at the drop of Boris Johnson’s hat?

Here are a few examples where brands have found a balance…


KFC has put its head above the parapet by launching its fried chicken themed hotel this month. Offering ‘the spiciest stay of the summer’, the KFC Hotel in London is available for a one-night booking through at The House of Harland. They have thought of everything – check in is called ‘Chick-In’, room service only offers the KFC menu and there’s a dedicated cinema room playing ‘chick flicks’. Not only that, all the proceeds go to its own foundation which empowers youngsters to achieve their potential. All in all, an amazing job well done.

COVID-proof check:        Pre-booked reservations only


Gucci, as you would expect, has gone a more considered way, taking over a 100-year-old Japanese townhouse to celebrate its 100-year anniversary. This isn’t by chance of course, as its new collection entitled ‘Aria’ draws strong influences from Japanese culture. Whilst respecting traditional aspects of the property, there’s a theme of Gucci embellishment that’s unmistakable – Gucci-branded chairs and monogrammed shoji panels respectfully integrate, while its bamboo-handled bags stand out, yet sit well in the space. What’s more, they’ve made admission free – a gift to the nation that inspired its latest collection.

COVID-proof check:        Attendance by reservation only


Hendrick’s Gin has also opted to take an OOH activation and make it into a news-worthy experiential  campaign by unveiling fabulous floral bus stops across six UK cities. Each with a living garden roof of roses and cucumbers, they’re designed to let off a scent to attract the public. To create even more impact, each bus stop has a screen with an inverted bottle of its gin continuously pouring, without ever overflowing, into a glass of Hendrick’s Gin Cucumber Lemonade. An absolutely insta-worthy trip for anyone living in close proximity.

COVID-proof check:        Outdoor public space to maximise social distancing opportunities


What can we learn from these examples? – experiential PR activity is still doable, but we need to be creative, clever and considered in our planning and execution to ensure our experiential campaigns make the headlines we hope for.

If you’re after an experiential campaign that cuts through the noise, get in touch to schedule a consultative call today –

Is your brand ready for the Back-to-school bonanza?

The kids have broken up from school and many parents are now contemplating how they’ll incorporate the new role of ‘Child Entertainer’ into their already busy schedule of back-to-back Zoom meetings. However, no sooner had the kids broken up, marketers needed to be finalising how they would steal a share of the voice during the manic ‘back-to-school’ shopping period.


Some have already started broadcasting theirs , notably George at ASDA which has recently launched a fantastic video that we firmly believe will make kids want to get their uniforms from the clothes racks next to the ready meals this September. Our own industry media are already applauding its fresh approach which features a grime song about the empowering return to education, performed by a group of primary school aged kids. George at ASDA has invested a lot of time in the campaign, kicking it off back in April, and when watching the ad you can see the work that’s gone into it. What’s interesting to note is that it’s focused very much on the excitement that kids (well, most) will be feeling at the prospect of returning to some sort of normality when the new school year starts. This will undoubtedly be replicated by brands across the spectrum, so clever work by George at ASDA for getting in there first to set the trend, as obvious as it may seem.

Another approach is to tap into kid’s creativity, something we undertook on behalf of BIC KIDS. Our brief was simple – deliver a campaign with creativity at its’ heart, while putting BIC KIDS’ products front and centre. With research highlighting that children were spending more time using screens, we wanted to remind parents of how valuable quality time is. So during BIC KIDS’ key Back-to-School sales period, we launched an inspiring campaign which engaged 5-11-year-old across the UK and Republic of Ireland, as well as their parents. The BIC KIDS Young Artist Award gave children the once in a lifetime opportunity to have their amazing artwork taken beyond the fridge door and used as part of BIC KIDS’ out-of-home advertising campaign, on nearly 100 billboards across the UK and Ireland.

Our campaign reached over 30m, attracted over 1,000 entries, and nearly 20,000 members of the public cast their vote. What’s more, BIC saw a valuable rise in year-on-year sales.

On the flipside, a campaign addressing concerns, if done correctly and sensitively, can really cut through the noise. This approach was taken by Kleenex back in 2016 and saw the brand examining the anxieties of pupils starting at a new school. The key to its success was that it was heartfelt, honest and entirely relatable – whether it’s the first day of school or walking into a new job on day one – we all understand that anxious feeling and therefore in a subconscious way, we feel that Kleenex understands us too. The clever campaign entitled #ShareKleenexCare was said to have helped the brand connect emotionally with its customers and undoubtedly put them front of mind with consumers when they were buying a pack of tissues ahead of doing the first day of school drop off.

The rise of kidfluencers dictates that we couldn’t do a roundup of approaches without including a campaign with them. Many brands have tried this route with varying success. The campaigns that failed to win hearts and minds seemed to fall flat due to what looked like a very rigid plan created by a marketing team that doesn’t fully understand what attracts an audience to an influencer. Consumers can tell when something looks forced, especially Gen Z and younger, so to avoid being called out for being cringey, consider working with the influencers to shape the campaign. They’ve become popular because they understand their fanbase and you have gone to them because you want to sell to them. Collaboration is key to cutting through the corporate crowds – Nike did a brilliant job of this with its  #Best1stDay campaign. The super cool legacy brand conducted a multi-platform social campaign following seven influencers who were excited about going back to school. The authenticity of the campaign showed that – as a brand – it still very much understands the youth market and ensured that the whole campaign felt inclusive, without being forced.

With still so much uncertainty around what COVID will bring next and how it will impact the next school year, it’s easy to convince yourself to take the cautious approach and avoid investing in a standout campaign. However, with so much focus on this year’s school re-opening, for what is essentially a big milestone in returning to a new normal way of living, it’s never been more important to take the chance and steal your share of voice with the kids and the parents that shop for them.


If you’re a brand that’s wanting to embrace the back-to-school bonanza and keen to discuss a quickfire campaign that’ll help you cut through the noise, email us today for a consultative call –

Lucre News: Lucre Group cooks up a storm with new appointment

UK-based food tech start-up, Cook My Grub, has appointed The Lucre Group to support its UK PR strategy. The latest account win further strengthens the agency’s rapidly growing Food & Drink division, which already incorporates the likes of PizzaExpress, Distill Ventures, Stonegate Pub Company, KETTLE® Chips and The Dalmore.

Having recently exceeded its initial fundraising target by 150% – raising over £750,000 in just four weeks – Cook My Grub, is expected to shake up the food industry with a revolutionary platform that provides hungry local diners with access to home-cooked food that isn’t available on the high street.

In the last quarter alone, the challenger brand has seen a 300% uplift in orders, 100% growth in customers, and a 200% increase in active users. Coupled with the success of its Crowdcube campaign, the start-up – which is the UK’s leading marketplace for home-cooked food – has unveiled ambitious expansion plans to rapidly scale, building the sales, marketing and operations teams in order extend its reach to other parts of the UK.

Key to Lucre’s strategy will be planning and executing targeted communications in towns and cities across the UK to help drive chef recruitment, app downloads and orders. The Lucre Group will also be supporting the brand with experiential activations later in the year, as Cook My Grub seeks to take its brand to the people, attracting new audiences and growing market share.

The founders of Cook My Grub, Dinesh Patil and Shabbir Mookhtiar, said:

It’s been an outstanding start to 2021 as we seek to build healthier, happier, and wealthier communities across the UK. Having refined our platform and proved our concept, now is the time to accelerate our growth – having the right PR team in place to support us through this next phase is vital. Lucre’s creative team truly understands our challenges and the team’s digital PR and content approach is exactly what we need to help take our offering to new consumers.”

Tamarind Wilson, Co-founder and Director of The Lucre Group, added:

Cook My Grub is an exciting brand on the cusp of exponential growth. Their innovative app. combines talented chefs with consumers seeking restaurant quality food, home-cooked and delivered to their doorstep. What better combination is there? We couldn’t be happier to support these incredibly talented entrepreneurs as they seek to shake up the industry.”

Celebrating Pride as a Business

Pride Month has a rich culture behind why we celebrate, and our favourite brands are doing some amazing work in getting people talking about queer issues and in celebrating the impact that LGBTQ+ people have in the world!

Here are some top notch examples of brands who are making a difference to the LGBTQ+ community and are proud to be packing a punch this pride…


1. ‘Claim Your Space’ Spotify’s Pride Campaign

Do you have any Pride Party anthems that spring to mind? Ready for some new ones?

Spotify is partnering with LGBTQ+ musicians to shine a spotlight on their talents, showcasing several artists in month-long activations – both online and in person. Artists such as Hayley Kiyoko, Big Freedia and Fancy Hagood are all included (you may not have heard of them yet, but Spotify will have you clued up before the end of Pride!)


2. Unilever

Tourmaline, an activist and black transgender film-maker is working with Unilever to bring change to five cities that are most challenging for LGBTQ+ people to live in: Monroe, Louisiana; Moore, Oklahoma; Clemson, South Carolina; Florence, Alabama; and Cape Girardeau Missouri. These have all failed the Human Rights Campaign’s Municipal Equality Index, which examines how inclusive laws, policies and services are to LGBTQ+ people.


3. Converse’s Colourful Pride Collection

Converse is becoming more iconic each year with its stunning rainbow themed collection. Since releasing its first Pride collection in 2015, Converse has donated more than $1.3 million in support of local and global LGBTQ+ organisations, such as the Ali Forney Center, BAGLY and OUT MetroWest. Its Limited Edition Rainbow Collection is more popular every year and shoe lovers can even design their own shoes, choosing from flowery to space designs, with the option of the classic rainbow soles and laces.


4. MEPC – P for Pride?

Being a leading name in UK commercial property for more than 70 years, MEPC has already made a name for itself in creating a buzzing community for its customers and Pride month is no exception. They have a rich LGBTQ+ knowledge that is shared on its website and its Pride events always give back to charities that help LGBTQ+ individuals feel more valued in the workplace. “Promoting diversity and equality for all can help to make employees feel happier at work. We all want to feel respected in the workplace!”


5. Virgin Pride Radio

Virgin Radio is launching Virgin Radio Pride UK which will span their summer holding events across the country to highlight queer artists. The core programming will address important issues in the LGBTQ+ community, shining a light on these matters. We are promised the exciting lineup will make us laugh, cry and above all – be proud!


What Queer People Think About Pride Marketing

Don’t rainbow wash your windows!

If a brand decides to support the LGBTQ+ community it is important to bear in mind that without real meaning and purpose, campaigns can fall flat and leave a lasting bad image on the company.

Before launching a Pride campaign, it is worth considering how your campaign will affect LGBTQ+ people in need directly and work from that goal. The difference between supporting an LGBTQ+ charity and waving a pride flag could be life changing to those in need, and by supporting queer artists and queer talents we can celebrate making the world a safer and more accepting place.

The best way to support Pride from a business and personal point of view is to always be an advocate. This doesn’t mean you have to be really over the top with your support and campaigns, as long as your actions are fully representative and consistently supportive of the LGBTQ+ community, you’re doing a great job!


Have any brands impacted your thoughts on Pride this year?

We would love to find out more. Pop over to our Twitter or LinkedIn pages and share your thoughts!

Lucre News: Lucre Group Raises a Glass to Celebrate The Dalmore Appointment

Ultra-Premium single malt whisky, The Dalmore, has appointed The Lucre Group to support its UK PR strategy. The latest account win will sit as part of the agency’s strengthening Food & Drink division, joining the likes of PizzaExpress, Distill Ventures, Stonegate Pub Company and KETTLE® Chips.

Established in 1839, The Dalmore Distillery has become renowned for producing exceptional Single Malt whisky, and is now synonymous with heritage and finesse, and with its iconic bottle shape adorned with the Royal 12-pointed stag, has become known globally as a leader in the luxury single malt market.

From promoting the brand’s Principal Collection during the key gifting periods, to handling the UK PR for two of The Dalmore’s major global launches later in 2021, The Lucre Group will be supporting the brand in its mission to open up the exceptional world of whisky to new audiences.

Ruairi Perry, Marketing Controller for UK Brands, Whyte & Mackay, said:

The Dalmore is a truly exceptional brand, with a rich heritage, enjoying phenomenal demand. In the second half of 2021 we have some of the most exciting launches we’ve planned in years, so it was vital that we brought the right agency onboard. Lucre’s creative team truly understood our challenges and their approach to luxury consumers and influencers was incredibly refreshing. We’re excited to begin our work alongside the team.”

Rhona Templer, Managing Director at The Lucre Group, added:

The Dalmore has already established a prestigious name for itself within the whisky industry, and we’re honoured to be working alongside an inspiring and talented team to reach new audiences and help to write the next chapter.”

Lucre News: Lucre Group ‘Made Up’ with CHARLOTTE RHYS Appointment

CHARLOTTE RHYS, the premier luxury bath, body and lifestyle brand, has appointed The Lucre Group to handle its PR and digital content. The win strengthens the agency’s Home & Lifestyle division, which will look after all of CHARLOTTE RHYS’ owned and earned communications across the UK.

Founded in South Africa, the company is looking to make its mark in the UK. Priding themselves as a luxury brand with a conscience, CHARLOTTE RHYS has strong green credentials, tapping into the growing trend of ethical beauty. With self-care at the top of everyone’s agenda after a difficult year, Lucre will be launching the full CHARLOTTE RHYS range to the UK’s health and wellbeing market through an ongoing PR and influencer programme.

RICH, Lucre’s content division, will also be tasked to deliver an integrated digital strategy, creating content that resonates with the brand’s audience and making it work hard across a number of platforms. From SEO and social strategies to website development, the RICH team will build on the brand’s online presence.

Co-founder and managing partner Janet Rhys at CHARLOTTE RHYS, said:

It’s a very exciting time for our business as the brand expands into the UK market. Innovation is at the heart of what we do, and the Lucre team perfectly understood our ambitious vision. We’re confident that they’ll be able to increase the profile of the brand through an integrated communications strategy.”

Sophie Spyropoulos, Owner Director at The Lucre Group, added:

The CHARLOTTE RHYS proposition fits perfectly with the current consumer market, as people seek ways in which they can be kinder to the planet. We’re delighted to have been appointed and are excited to support CHARLOTTE RHYS in bringing luxury and ethical bath and skincare products to the UK market.”

Lucre News: Voice Technology Use Rises 67% Since Pandemic Across Gen Z

Gen Z has used voice technology 67% more since the pandemic started, of which 70% are 10–15-year-old boys. That’s according to recent research which evaluates the habits of Gen Z pre- and post-pandemic.[1] It found that between 40-50% of Gen Z use voice technology assistants, of which two-thirds use theirs daily.

Adding to their increased technology usage, the report found an astounding 287% growth in TikTok use across 16–18-year-olds since the beginning of the pandemic. The research further reveals that Gen Z spends roughly 9 hours on YouTube per week. More generally, the research saw a 54% uplift in time spent online across Gen Z’s female demographic, compared to 30% across their male counterparts.

Interestingly, the pandemic has caused a resurgence in Facebook, WhatsApp and Twitter, particularly across the 10-15 year-old age bracket. Pre-pandemic, their use of these channels had all but eclipsed, so it’s possible that the need to connect with family and ‘formal’ groups – school, hobbies – caused these channels to find a new niche with this younger demographic.

When asking Gen Z what they look forward to the most post-COVID 19, girls aged 16+ responded that they wish to see the world and share their journey on social channels; boys of the same age simply want to have a blast with their friends. All Gen Z in the research wanted to be eco-conscious but added that they would not sacrifice the prospect of travel to become so.

Further research found that as a highly eco-conscious demographic, all of Gen Z age 16+ want brands to improve their eco credentials and social impact; a quarter of boys aged 10-15 and girls age 16+ will actively choose brands based on their eco-credentials.[2] Nearly a quarter (22%) of 19–22-year-olds, and 28% of 10–15-year-olds want a brand to stand for something they believe. Admiring more ‘worthy’ personalities, those aged 16-22 were found to idolise ‘respectable’, socially conscious names such as David Attenborough, Michelle Obama, and Greta Thunberg.

The research has been commissioned by The Lucre Group as part of an ongoing study  to gain further insight into the mindset of Gen Z, particularly in the context of the COVID pandemic and their interaction with visual culture and society.

Tamarind Wilson Flint, Co-Founder of The Lucre Group said:

Understanding how different audiences consume media and engage is key in a normal world, never mind against a backdrop of a global pandemic. To our knowledge, this is the only study of its kind to monitor Gen Z pre, during and post COVID, the insights of which offer a unique behavioural blueprint for businesses and brands. From identifying where technology has accelerated in usage to the green generation, this research helps us to comprehend on a granular level what is fundamentally important to Gen Z – alongside their means of communicating and interacting.”

View the Gen Z post-pandemic infographic

Lucre partners with Giraffe Insights to unveil public mood barometer

As we approach the pending peak of the COVID-19 crisis, a time that will test us all, Giraffe Insights has teamed up with The Lucre Group to provide a weekly mood barometer for community spirit.

Testing the variances by week, The COVID-19 CHART plots the mood of the nation against a scale of 1 – 10 (1 being ‘None’ and 10 being ‘A lot’). It will also pose further questions each week aligned to the latest news surrounding the crisis, with this week’s topic exploring purchasing patterns. Posing the question of which items, if any, people were planning to purchase this week, Video Games (18 per cent), Puzzles (16 per cent), Board Games (14 per cent) and Colouring Books (14 per cent) topped the table.

Community spirit locally remains high at this time, with more than half (53 per cent) of respondents rating it at 7 or above. Conversely the national mood is slightly lower, with just 41 per cent selecting 7 or above.

Polling 200 people on a weekly basis, brands and businesses are being invited to put forward any questions they would like asking to


Lucre Giraffe Public Mood Barometer


Maxine Fox, Managing Director at Giraffe Insights, said:

“At Giraffe Insights we believe that research has never been so powerful, and we are working with brands to help shine a light in this period of darkness, informing both current and future decision making.  We are dedicated to keeping brands connected through the latest insights – and understanding public mood forms an important part of this.”

Tamarind Wilson, Co-founder and Director at The Lucre Group, said:

“Insights inform how we best communicate and during these challenging times, understanding public mood week by week will be vital to brands. It is important that our industry rallies together and we hope that by giving businesses the opportunity to add a question to our poll FREE of charge, it may help those faced with limited budgets right now.”