Search Savvy PR

We’ve worked hard to build our reputation as an agency that outwits the competition. It’s a given we’ll do the same for you. We know people. We understand the changing behaviours around news consumption and how ideas and opinions are shared, wherever that sits between ink and influencers. We’ll create talking points to ensure you’re part of a conversation of interest.

Content that Moves you

RICH is the engine within The Lucre Group that creates all the beautiful, thoughtful and clever content that brings your story to life. Building upon the newsroom expertise of our search savvy PR team and the kick-ass research talents of our I&I experts, we draw upon a whole range of clever insights to inspire our thinking, enabling us to create content that makes campaigns ‘sing’ both on and offline.

Crisis Management

Expert crisis communications and reputation management, including strategy development and positioning. A team, absolutely at your beck and call when you most need them 24/7. Able to manage the messages across any platform as they unfold.

  • I&I

    Our Insight & Ideas hub ensures that as an agency we are always abreast of the latest trends and consumer behaviour. I&I is our approach to gaining real-time audience insight and data, enabling us to deliver fresh, relevant creativity and allowing us to stay one step ahead.  

    Our clients, our work

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