Content that Moves you

We love sharing and watching interesting ideas and concepts online. We’ve become content sharing machines. The opportunity to attract the eyes and ears of your customers through inspiring narrative and images is huge and it has never been easier to reach your target audience with greater efficacy and accuracy.  Of course, making sure they genuinely engage with what you share is a whole different ball game.

RICH is the engine within The Lucre Group that creates all the beautiful, thoughtful and clever content that brings your story to life. Building upon the newsroom expertise of our search savvy PR team and the kick-ass research talents of our I&I experts, we draw upon a whole range of clever insights to inspire our thinking; enabling us to create content that makes campaigns ‘sing’ both on and offline.

If you want your story to be shared, then RICH can help you. We can create and curate your content. Content that will move your audiences and content that will move you up the Google rankings.

RICH understands the cool, shareable, and the OMG-have-you-seen-this? We help our clients capture the crazy, the stunning and the thought-provoking pieces that make people stop, think, share and chat.

Our services are bespoke for each of our clients’ needs but we offer a range of products, which we believe can be adapted to meet any content request.

Rich Services
Rich Strategy

Analysis and expert advice on current content trends and training for creating great content:

  • RICH FORECAST – We work with our I&I team to ‘fad forecast’ the content relevant to our clients
  • RICH COACH – Content education and training for clients on content that they should be creating
  • RICH PLAN – We create content plans for our clients’ social media channels built upon insight and strategy
Rich Visual

Photography, film, animation, and infographics that create a feast for the eyes.

  • RICH REELS – Film and animation
  • RICH PHOTOS – Photography
  • RICH GRAPHICS – Infographics and graphic design
Rich Social

Building, maintaining and reaching new social communities with authentic and engaging content at the centre:

  • RICH COMMUNITY – Managing social communities to create vibrant hubs of online activity
  • RICH AMP – An essential piece of the social success puzzle, combining fresh insights and creativity to fine tune ‘paid’ social activity; we’ll connect with those pesky people you might otherwise find hard to reach
  • RICH BLUEPRINT – We’ll devise a detailed social media strategy to amplify your online presence and build towards your objectives
Rich Words

Words have the power to change the world

  • RICH COPY – The best writing and copy to create cracking content
  • RICH SPEECH – Speech writing and presentations
Rich Mix

Bespoke packages which allow clients to choose a combination of products