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Is Rio Ready? By Brett Cullen

The question of whether Rio is ready to host the 2016 Olympics will be answered when the Games open this Friday 5th August.

Last week a Sky Sports report discovered that construction work is still going on behind the scenes as big-wigs endeavour to get venues in tip-top shape before athletes and visitors descend.

There are investigations whether pre-bid promises regarding crime, regeneration and social commitments are being followed through too.

Ganabara Bay – which will host sailing, triathalons and some swimming competitions – was found to still be a filthy mess, whilst the launch ramp collapsed raising concerns from world’s media.

Despite that, the Brazilian and local government seem keen to show that everything is going to plan, as this timelapse of the Olympic Park being built shows (although the video has only been seen just over 600 times, which suggests they aren’t shouting too loud about it!).

We’re optimistic folk here at Lucre though and are sure that everything will go off without a hitch…let’s not forget that Brazil when faced similar criticism before the 2014 FIFA World Cup, yet delivered the most-watched sporting event of all time without any major issues.

Time will tell.