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Royal Exclusive: Harry and Meghan’s Hag do fun, by Ryan Lewis

Where did Harry and Meghan first meet? (It was a blind date)

Will Harry and Meghan kiss on the balcony? (No, it’s not taking place at Buckingham Palace)

Are Meghan and Harry related? (Definitely not!)

Unless you’ve been living in a cave for the last 12 months, it’s been impossible to avoid the buzz generated by this weekend’s Royal Wedding. The global media have been in a frenzy and Google is lit up with questions about the couple and what will or won’t happen on Saturday.

Everybody has a point of view and a question about the marriage between the nation’s favourite Royal, Prince Harry and the US actor, Meghan Markle. In recent days, attention has particularly turned to Meghan’s Dad and whether he will be able to attend the wedding especially now there’s a genuine cause for concern for his health.

However, many of the questions being searched for are in their nature far less important, at times a bit ridiculous and sometimes plain foolish. They range from the glaringly obvious like: “Will the wedding be televised?” via the optimistic: “Will we get a bank holiday for Harry and Meghan’s wedding?” to the downright deep and unanswerable: “Are Harry and Meghan really in love and will they last?”

But thanks to our RICH content team here at Lucre there are some questions that we can help answer:

Did Harry have a stag do?

Did Meghan have a hen do?

Did Harry and Meghan have a hag do together?

Where did Harry and Meghan go to celebrate before their wedding?

Recently, our team were lucky enough to capture footage on behalf of our client Stonegate, of the Royal Couple out celebrating in naughties party venue Popworld. ‘Actual’ footage of the loved-up duo was recorded of them sharing WKD, popping corks and dancing the Macarena with Saturday night revellers. Harry proved himself the party Prince that we all knew he was and Meghan showed that she had the moves, too.

If you don’t believe us, then watch the footage for yourself:


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