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Instagram unveils its new look



Instagram has unveiled big changes to its logo, moving away from the highly recognisable polaroid-camera style icon in favour of a new, flatter and multi-coloured design. The app has also been tweaked, now sporting a black and white look, in a move Instagram’s head of design Ian Spalter says was made to reflect the aesthetics of its users. The brand’s other apps, Boomerang, Hyperlapse and Layout have all been given the same treatment.

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The new look is undeniably more minimalistic and sleek; a big departure from the retro style Instagram was known for. In a world where sharing a picture of your smashed avocado on toast with your friends is no longer the sole purpose of the app, some changes were expected, but this complete image overhaul has come as a surprise to many.

There’s a few mixed opinions on the new look flying around the office so it’s safe to say the jury’s still out on this one.  Instagram will be hoping, however, for a favourable reaction.  No brand wants to emulate the Gap logo disaster…