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Are we heading for an autumn of careful experiential?

As restrictions ease, us PR folk are tentatively considering experiential campaign ideas for our clients. There are already signs of these immersive brand experiences returning to our cities, but how do we balance our creativity with social distancing concerns?

At Lucre, we have become famous for our experiential campaigns and standout stunts that have garnered international recognition – but what is actually doable in a world where we can be snapped back into lockdown at the drop of Boris Johnson’s hat?

Here are a few examples where brands have found a balance…


KFC has put its head above the parapet by launching its fried chicken themed hotel this month. Offering ‘the spiciest stay of the summer’, the KFC Hotel in London is available for a one-night booking through at The House of Harland. They have thought of everything – check in is called ‘Chick-In’, room service only offers the KFC menu and there’s a dedicated cinema room playing ‘chick flicks’. Not only that, all the proceeds go to its own foundation which empowers youngsters to achieve their potential. All in all, an amazing job well done.

COVID-proof check:        Pre-booked reservations only


Gucci, as you would expect, has gone a more considered way, taking over a 100-year-old Japanese townhouse to celebrate its 100-year anniversary. This isn’t by chance of course, as its new collection entitled ‘Aria’ draws strong influences from Japanese culture. Whilst respecting traditional aspects of the property, there’s a theme of Gucci embellishment that’s unmistakable – Gucci-branded chairs and monogrammed shoji panels respectfully integrate, while its bamboo-handled bags stand out, yet sit well in the space. What’s more, they’ve made admission free – a gift to the nation that inspired its latest collection.

COVID-proof check:        Attendance by reservation only


Hendrick’s Gin has also opted to take an OOH activation and make it into a news-worthy experiential  campaign by unveiling fabulous floral bus stops across six UK cities. Each with a living garden roof of roses and cucumbers, they’re designed to let off a scent to attract the public. To create even more impact, each bus stop has a screen with an inverted bottle of its gin continuously pouring, without ever overflowing, into a glass of Hendrick’s Gin Cucumber Lemonade. An absolutely insta-worthy trip for anyone living in close proximity.

COVID-proof check:        Outdoor public space to maximise social distancing opportunities


What can we learn from these examples? – experiential PR activity is still doable, but we need to be creative, clever and considered in our planning and execution to ensure our experiential campaigns make the headlines we hope for.

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