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#KeepTheSecret – Is it worth it? by Philippa Barker

A five-month waiting list with a price tag of £200…is the much talked about Harry Potter and The Cursed Child play worth it?

Well yes, frankly it is.

It was hard to completely miss the launch of the hotly anticipated play back in 2016 and whilst I can’t say I am a die-hard HP fan who would sit up all night refreshing the page, I finally got my hands on two tickets for both plays this year.

Having not read the hard copy, I went in blind and due to the trending #KeepTheSecret, completely unaware with what was about to be the most flabbergasting five hours of my life.

From entering the themed Palace Theatre to the eerie soundtrack to some of the best production I’ve ever seen on the UK stage, the play certainly didn’t disappoint – even though the need to purchase tickets for two plays seemed like a clever marketing ploy.

Top reasons why it is worth it:

  • Just for the magic alone…it’s stuff you can’t fathom
  • Whilst tickets to two plays seemed excessive it does build your excitement and anticipation
  • After it, it’s like you’re in a club that no-one else is in
  • The plot…won’t divulge, as I agreed to #KeepTheSecret
  • The characters. There is everything we loved from the books and more