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Make Skegness great again, by Emma Baylis

A report this weekend revealing that seaside resort Skegness has been ranked as one of the world’s worst holiday destinations has touched our hearts here at Lucre.

Not only do a few of us recall happy memories spent on the beach (or at Butlins), but we think Skegness deserves the chance to redeem itself and perhaps just needs a helping hand in promoting its good points!

Take a look at the likes of Hull and Blackpool – both of which have suffered from negative press for years and are now starting to thrive again following huge investment in advertising, PR and marketing campaigns. Hull has especially hit the spotlight as the UK’s City of Culture for 2017 and was today announced to be BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend location. We particularly loved the use of their campaign hashtag #ForTheHullofIt which we’ve seen all over buses and billboards across Yorkshire.

We think with a bit of love and attention to improve its “rough around the edges” reputation, a hard-working communications campaign and tailored social outreach inspired by previously successful campaigns could do the world of good, and make Skegness great again! After all, isn’t the staycation on the rise?