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Camel milk, anyone? 2017’s crazy food and drink trends, by Shannon Grimm-Berghaus

Here at Lucre, we love food (who doesn’t?) and with it being the year of all things unicorn themed, chocolate ladened and charcoal coloured, there are some certain trends we should seriously be looking out for.

Dairy-free lovers should look past the almond and soy milk – it’s time to think camel. Camel milk is the new superfood which is already widely consumed in Australia – camel milk pannacotta is a thing. The milk contains around ten times more iron and nearly three times more vitamin C than cow’s milk and researchers claim it can help those suffering from dairy intolerances, diabetes and gut and bowel problems. Sounds pretty super to us.

If vino is your favourite tipple, keep an eye out for orange wine and it’s not the Aperol Spritz kind. This ‘fourth wine’ is rich in flavour and its name derives purely from colour – it’s not made of citrus fruits. Normally the wine process involves removing the skin of the grapes however this wine has the skin left on to produce colour. We believe that if it’s good enough for the Ritz, it should be on the must-try list.

Gluten-free eaters can breathe a sigh of relief – more exciting flavours for cooking and baking will finally be hitting the shelves. Though coconut flour and all coconut products are set to continue rocketing, your almond, gluten-free white, rice and potato flours can all be put to one side. Banana flour is made from green bananas making it sweeter in taste and perfect for low-sugar baking and chia flour will become more mainstream this year. Coffee flour (milled from the wasted fruit of the coffee bean) promises more protein, fibre and iron than regular flour but none of the caffeine hit – sorry coffee lovers. Not different enough for you? Give cricket flour (yes, crickets) a try; all the protein, none of the crunch.

The fruit and vegetables on our shelves will start to look a little more interesting, too. Forget breeding dogs, you’ll have snack-sized hybrids instead. Kalettes, kale and sprouts, cucamelons, cucumber like watermelons, will appear in more menus, it’s not all trickery. Kumquats and mangosteen will become more widely used too and kiwi berries (grape sized kiwis you can eat whole) are just a handful of what’ll be making an appearance for 2017.

You’d be forgiven for thinking Heston Blumenthal had been let loose in our supermarkets but don’t be surprised to be picking any of these up in the aisles and into your kitchens, very soon.