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I’ll have a can of chilled rosé wine, please



You know how lots of British blokes like to drink rosé wine but won’t admit it? Well across the pond there’s no such reticence. In 2013, Union Wine’s Underwood cans were launched, and this is year there’s a new offering from The Drop, a California Dry rosé sold in four-packs of 250ml cans and marketed to – no surprises here – millennials – for activities that are traditionally restricted to beer (any ideas what they are, other than watching the football and, er…..?)  Don’t get excited though, it’s only going to be sold in the New York metropolitan area and the Hamptons. Boo. Perhaps their millennials are different from our millennials?

Actually, someone thought of wine-in-a-can quite a long time ago. Francis Ford Coppola’s “Sofia” wine cans caused a minor stir in 2004 and – who else – a winery in Australia was perhaps the first to do so back in the ’90s.

Will it take off? Here at Lucre Towers we love a glass or four of rosé so we’re hopeful.  Apparently rosé accounts for just over one in 10 of the wines we buy, but that figure is likely to increase when men finally admit they like a glass of the pink stuff and don’t care who knows it. Last year the Daily Telegraph suggested that rosé was the “beer of wine” and Instagram going mad for the hashtag #brose (geddit).


The summer’s coming, folks. Get ready to #brose.