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So Macho….


Apparently, the number of vegans is growing.  According to new research by Ipsos Mori, commissioned by the Vegan Society, there are 542,000 vegans in Britain – the previous estimate, from 2006, was just 150,000.  And an estimated 500,000 vegetarians are thinking about going vegan too, so there could be more than a million British vegans before long.  Which means a whole new set of opportunities opening up for businesses not just in the food sector but in fitness, active wear, beauty and sports.

This is no fad, either.  Google searches for “vegan” have doubled since 2011, while the market in animal-free food and drink is growing too.  Mintel reports that the number of products launched in the UK marked “suitable for vegans” grew by 134% between 2012 and 2015.

Vegan dishes used to be restricted to wholefood cafes, but now Wetherspoon pubs – yep, you read that correctly – have launched a vegan menu, and Pret a Manger has seen sales of its vegetarian options soar, and is introducing two new vegan specials every month over the summer.

So next time you mash that avocado on your granary toast and prepare to poach an egg to go on top of it – don’t.  All the cool people eat only plant-derived foods. Will you join them?