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Travel trends set to take the world by storm in 2021

Finally, the end of lockdown is in sight! With government plans in place to start easing restrictions, travellers are already planning their next big adventure. Now we have a lockdown roadmap, is it time for a road trip? Here are the luxury travel trends we’re expecting to see later this year…


  1. Ready for the trip of a lifetime

For over a year, people’s travel plans have been up in the air. Trips have been cancelled, holidays postponed and future plans indefinitely delayed. It’s no wonder, then, that people are planning on blowing their budget on the trip of a lifetime in 2021. In fact, 62% of 18-24-year-olds plan to spend more on their holidays.

Instead of planning a series of smaller trips, the trend seems to be spending on one epic, indulgent luxury holiday. These are likely to be longer trips and more extravagant. Why stay in a three-star hotel, when you can luxuriate in a five-star?

Longer trips also provide a great opportunity for travellers to reconnect with friends and family. People have been kept apart for so long, and a “bucket list” holiday is the perfect opportunity for loved ones to spend some quality time together.


  1. Private experiences

Whether it’s staying on an island, partying on a private yacht or spending the night in a countryside cottage, private destinations are proving popular. People love exclusivity and feeling like a true VIP. The old saying “what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas” is also true of private holidays – they provide a haven of security and reclusiveness that travellers love.

Private holidays are also experiencing a boost this year as holidaymakers look to book a COVID-19 safe trip. A family or group can book a getaway without worrying about interacting with others outside of their social bubble, making private bookings an attractive prospect.

One of our favourite luxury trends is the rise of private island takeovers. A word of warning, though, your group will need to find at least £100k to book a three-night stay.


  1. Sustainability

Sustainable travel is most definitely on the rise. Holidaymakers are looking to minimise air travel by enjoying rail holidays and cruises, with many moving towards booking longer holidays rather than several small trips for this reason as well.

Being conscious of sustainability doesn’t stop there. With nearly two-thirds of people believing travel companies should ensure holidays help the local people and economy, it’s clear travellers are more aware than ever of the impact their trip could have on local communities.


  1. Wellbeing

Who doesn’t need a bit of rest and relaxation right now? Travellers are dreaming of luxury spa breaks and long days spent by the pool. People will be on the lookout for sanctuaries that offer peace, calm and the perfect setting for a moment of mindfulness.

Zoom fatigue has well and truly set in, so those looking for a digital detox will be either heading out to exotic, faraway locations or seeking out a close-to-home spa to relax and take some time to themselves.

We’re more aware of our own health and wellbeing than ever before and, for this reason, luxury travel destinations will be placing emphasis on hygiene. Hand sanitising stations and masks may be here to stay and are expected to be subtly amplified in the luxury market this year.


  1. Travelling with purpose

So many people have found new hobbies or enhanced their skills during lockdown. With nothing to do but explore home-based activities, people have had time to learn new languages or rekindle old interests. Now’s the time to put them into practice.

Travellers will be heading out with a new-found vigour. Whether they’re travelling to a conference, to meet like-minded hobbyists or to embrace different cultures, people will be trying to add real meaning to their trip.


  1. Working from holiday

Debate around the future of working from home remains rife, but what about working from holiday? Keen travellers are swapping their home offices for exotic destinations. Working with an ocean view ahead of you surely sounds far more idyllic than a makeshift home office desk. Tourist destinations are already capitalising on this trend, promoting the opportunity to work from their stunning luxury location.

If you’re a keen traveller with kids, you needn’t miss out on this exciting new trend because Schoolcations are on the rise too. When homeschooling ends, the school of life is set to start, and parents will be keen to enrich their holidays with amazing life experiences. Some tourist destinations such as the Puente Romano resort in Marbella are bolstering this with on-site tutoring too, so families will be able to work and be educated abroad.


  1. Glampervans and staycations

Luxury holidays don’t have to happen overseas. Those looking for a close-to-home holiday are booking VIP UK experiences, including glampervan roadtrips and even canal holidays. People are looking for unforgettable experiences, and what’s more memorable than touring the UK on a barge?

High-end staycations come with a hefty price tag but offer all the home comforts and none of the hassle of travelling abroad. This summer, the travel industry expects to see a rise in people sticking to their home country and exploring all there is to offer on their own doorstep.


  1. Opportunistic travel

We’re all no doubt dreaming of our next trip, but there are no definite confirmations as to when we’ll be able to head off on our future getaways. The travel industry has had to adapt. Many airlines are offering travellers the option to change travel plans without incurring a fee. This is encouraging people to book trips away, knowing they won’t be charged if travel advice changes and they have to rearrange their holiday.

Sprint bookings – super last minute holiday bookings – are also set to be popular in 2021. When travel corridors re-open and restrictions are finally lifted, the industry is expecting a huge surge in same-day trip bookings. Travel brands and tourist destinations are bracing themselves for the surge, ensuring they’re ready to entice travellers with irresistible offers.


Is your travel brand ready for take-off?

With travel at the top of people’s post-covid bucket list, we expect travel brands and tourist destinations to be busier than ever before. With demand comes competition. Ensuring your voice is heard amongst the noise will be key to securing bookings and boosting your brand. Get in touch with our team today.