Tech And Telecomms

From Enterprise to App, we understand the language of tech. The software may be sophisticated, but the communication needs to be simple. Leading the debate, spotting the emerging trends and challenging the norms is where we shine for our clients. From high level thought leadership to product reviews and launches, we create campaigns that generate cut through and grab attention. We have run global content promotions for clients such as Kodak and delivered analyst programmes for telco challengers including TalkTalk. For both large and small companies our approach combines expertise, insight, and straightforward results.

“Having grown annual turnover at Babble to £22m, the time was right to bring in a PR agency to communicate exactly how we’re revolutionising the way businesses will be able to operate in a changing world. Lucre’s corporate comms approach, which centres on a robust thought leadership strategy, has been crucial in our drive to increase leads for the business, and the team has provided outstanding support overseeing multiple high profile acquisition announcements as we’ve continued our buy and build strategy to rapidly deliver on our revenue target of £100m. They’re a highly valued partner in our journey to transform more organisations through cloud-based solutions that enhance efficiency, flexibility and customer loyalty.”

Matt Parker, CEO Babble

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