A breath of fresh air
So Pure Air launched during the pandemic with a mission to improve air quality in work environments across the UK. Wanting to hone in on HR managers, the team briefed Lucre to develop a paid for advertising campaign. However, with a closer look and a keen eye, we suggested a fresh new integrated approach that soon resulted in traffic, headlines and customer enquiries.

Working closely with the air sterilization expert, we carefully crafted a digital campaign built around optimized web content and outreach opportunities. From keywords through to key messages, we ensured our content worked for both real customers and the search engines.

Within just one month So Pure Air’s website reported:

  • 280% increase in new users
  • 958% increase in page views
  • A 14% improvement in bounce rate

Our organic strategy achieved some fantastic results, but it was time to go bigger. We incorporated paid social ads into phase two of our campaign, targeting our focus demographics on LinkedIn and utilising Facebook remarketing. A PPC campaign was also set up to increase brand visibility. Managing this digital activity alongside a link-building PR campaign enabled us to build on the success of our organic content writing.

When compared to the period prior to our three-month kick-off campaign we achieved a 8336% increase in new site visitors and 3327% increase in page views. And the results continue to build!