Twitter Trials Doubling Character Count… The Internet Reacts, by Jack Moore

September 27, 2017

Ever sat and typed a tweet, then realised you’re roughly three paragraphs over the 140-character limit, then spent 20 minutes performing mental gymnastics in order to share your opinion of the Great British Bake Off with the world. Well those days could soon be a distant memory, as Twitter have announced they’re trialling increasing the famous 140-character limit to 280. The internet as ever has reacted, so we thought we’d share some of our favourites…

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced the move on Twitter…

Not long after, Twitter user @brianrbarone was on hand to cut his tweet down to size!

American chat show host Ellen DeGeneres got in on the fun with a tweet of her own.

Not content with the reasoning Twitter gave for the trial, @Punchayati has his own theory.

@DontforgetJames tweeted what we’re all thinking!

What’s a Twitter storm without a good meme though?

Whatever the Twittersphere think of this move, we’re all waiting with bated breath to see how Twitter addict Donald Trump will utilise the extra 140 characters.