The Top Travel Influencer Marketing Trends for 2022

March 15, 2022

If you’ve read our previous blog about the power of influencer marketing, you’ll be aware of the endless ways it can boost your brand awareness, drive social engagement and ultimately increase sales. But if you’re a travel brand, specifically working with travel influencers on campaigns that showcase your offerings has an even greater impact. In this instance, the travel ‘niche’ is their greatest asset because their audiences are following them for a reason: to live vicariously through their travel diaries, to induce a serious case of wanderlust, and to be inspired to follow in their air miles.

When working with travel influencers on campaigns, it is crucial that you entice audiences to book that ticket. Why should people spend their hard-earned money on their highly anticipated annual holiday with you? Is it the out of this world experience no other travel brand can match? Could it be the fact that your packages are the first to put sustainability at the forefront? Or perhaps it’s because your flight crew hand out complimentary pina coladas to mark the last 30 minutes before landing? (Now, there’s an idea…)

Read on as we talk you through the hottest travel influencer marketing trends to watch out for in 2022 that can help to fly your brand to the top… SPF at the ready!

Sustainability is a big ‘green’ flag

As people become more conscious of the environmental impact travel has on the planet, we’re seeing more sustainable approaches to vacationing come into fruition. In order for travel brands to do their bit in this global change for better – they’re going to need to reassess their values. It will come as no surprise to you that influencers (Gen-Z and millennials in particular) love collaborating with brands who genuinely care for important causes like climate change – so if you have eco-friendly initiatives in place, they will feel far more attracted to work with you on spreading the word! This idea of reducing carbon footprint when travelling brings me nicely on to my next point…

Staycations are here to stay

Why hop on a plane to go thousands of miles away when there is still so much of the UK yet to discover? Perhaps once considered to be a ‘bore’ (Devon? For your summer holiday? Ground-breaking!), staycations are now one of the hottest ways to escape… No passport necessary. 2020 completely took away our freedom to point on a globe and go there, meaning if we wanted to have any chance of a ‘holiday’ – we had to start looking on our doorstep. Social feeds we quickly filled with travel influencers testing out the UK waters; from quirky Air BnB’s nestled in the Cotswolds to hidden white sandy beaches on the Northern coast – suddenly, the idea of a Great British holiday sounded pretty idyllic after all. As we all become more conscious of our carbon footprint, this trend will only continue to grow over the next few years – so working on staycation campaigns with influencers should by no means be overlooked. Pack up the car, we’re off!

Shift the focus on self-care

Needless to say, the last couple of years have been a lot to digest. So, when travellers look to book their next trip, it’s extremely likely that they’ll want to be as far away from the stresses of everyday life as possible – a ‘mental retreat’, if you will. Thankfully, I’m not just talking about yoga retreats that involve green juices and 5am sun solutions (phew!) – this can also mean travelling as an act of self-care. It’s this idea of escaping for a mood boost when you need it most that will instantly tap into the minds of influencers and their wanderlust-filled followers, all keen to have a break from the modern-day madness. Focus on campaigns that fill audiences with hope and inspiration for the future and how travel can help to inject that positivity back into your life. Spa or no spa, self-care is more necessary than ever – and I have a sneaky feeling that influencers and potential customers planning their next great escape will agree!

Video is King

With TikTok proving video to be the highest performing source of content on social media, asking influencers to document their travels through video is no doubt going to be the most effective way to grab the attention of travel-hungry audiences. As much as we all love a travel documentary to escape to, social media is a whole different ball game – when people are scrolling on-the-go, they want something easy to digest that doesn’t require too much time investment. Try focusing on shorter, snappier videos as opposed to anything longer than 60 seconds – as this will not only draw viewers in but keep them fully engaged throughout. After all, who needs a camera crew when you have an iPhone?

Gen-Z’s crave adventure

Studies have shown that younger audiences care less for assets, and more for experiences. Whilst travel was once seen as a luxury for those who could splash the extra cash – the next generation of travellers (ka Gen Z and millennials) would rather put their money on the ‘luxuries’ of life. They crave epic adventures and new experiences – ones that will lead to insta-worthy memories that they can share with friends online. So, what does this mean for travel brands? Social media is the ideal environment to nurture these campaigns – hence why the lure of travel influencers continue to grow. With this in mind, let’s shift the idea of ‘luxury’ away from cruise ships to the Maldives and instead, focus on ways we (you) can really elevate traveller experiences to the next level. What is it about your campaign that’s going to catch viewers’ attention? What can you offer that no other brand can? How creative can you get with your influencer briefs? In other words, don’t be afraid to go all out – because your targeted audiences are by no means looking for a ‘mediocre’ trip. Don’t miss a trick!

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