The Rise of ‘At Home’ Hospitality

Food and Drink
October 19, 2020

The pandemic has presented the biggest global crisis since World War Two. Within weeks, industries were pushed into times of uncertainty not seen in decades. But, at a time of crisis comes opportunity. Whilst we can’t avoid the overwhelming destruction that this year has seen, we can find those glimmers of hope watching how brands have pivoted so quickly and adapted their whole marketing proposition almost overnight.


Here we look at some of those hospitality brands who’ve benefited and succeeded through challenging times:


Pizza Pilgrims

Neapolitan pizzeria, Pizza Pilgrims, went from the busiest week in its history to closing the doors on all locations. Almost overnight, brothers Thom and James Elliot created the ‘Pizza by Post’ kit – delivering all the ingredients that people need to recreate a restaurant style pizza at home. For just £15, the dough-throwing bothers have gone on to sell over 30,000 kits since launch.


Pret A Manger

A weekday staple for many throughout the country and, with offices closed, the ever-expanding chain learnt to adapt quickly. Whilst previously avoiding working with delivery third parties, the company has now seen a tenfold growth in this channel since pre-Covid. Viewing the pandemic as an opportunity, Pret were quick to broaden its ‘At-Home’ offering with the launch of some of the chain’s most popular menu items to heat at home.


Patty & Bun

Following in the footsteps of other London-centric operators, burger restaurant Patty & Bun quickly shifted its focus to trialling meal kits for customers to purchase for at-home preparation. Joining forces with suppliers, The Lockdown DIY Patty Kit allowed consumers to recreate the burgers at home. For £25, the kit features four of the signature beef patties, bacon, brioche buns, smoky mayo, cheese slices and homemade pickled and smoky onions.


Dirty Martini

Recognised for the finest cocktails, always freshly prepared, Dirty Martini was one of the first brands in the UK to provide a national service whereby their drinks are freshly mixed in-bar, then frozen for the best possible serve to your door. Made in bespoke batches, the first collection sold out in just five hours. Priced at £22.50 for a bottle which serves four, customers can choose from a selection of classics from the signature menu including the Wild Strawberry Martini, Espresso Martini, Blood Orange & Vanilla Martini, Lychee & Rose Martini and Passion Fruit Martini.