The egg that cracked the sensitivity surrounding mental health, by Louise Bailey

February 8, 2019

On January 4th, Instagram met its soon-to-be most liked photo in the shape of an egg (called Eugene). Taking over Kylie Jenner as the ‘queen’ of social media, the world_record_egg profile soon earned over 10m* followers and racked up almost 53m likes on its Instagram post. It was a verified sensation.

With no apparent concept behind the egg’s launch, the world eagerly waited two whole weeks to see what it would do next. At this point, behind the scenes, a partnership was drawn up between the profile’s creators The Egg Gang and the streaming site Hulu that would change the course of the egg forever!

The egg’s next updates consisted of three selfies showing its shell starting to crack, gradually getting worse in each picture, with no caption to explain why. The account’s fifth image showed the egg with considerably more cracks, donning a design similar to that of an American football, right before the iconic Super Bowl Sunday – celebrated not only in America but across the globe. On February 5th, the egg’s new purpose was finally revealed to the public…to highlight the effect social media plays on our mental health. Through a moving and captivating video, the egg demonstrated its struggle to keep on top of the pressures that came with being a social media influencer and cracked. It then encouraged those feeling like they needed some extra support to visit where they could find a list of support groups and charities in various countries.

Although the video was first aired on streaming site Hulu as part of its Super Bowl coverage, Hulu ensured all the focus of this video and supporting posts was given to Mental Health America. This approach allowed a very clear, clean and clever message to be taken from the content making it far more impactful in the process. The egg has opened the eyes of people across the globe to the pressures social media plays on today’s culture and we love it.

We applaud the egg, and Hulu, for helping to make such a sensitive subject more approachable in a modern and engaging way – utilising the platform it references as a key factor in the issue itself and helping to achieve something positive through it.

*figures correct at the time of posting.

Image credit: Instagram @world_record_egg