The brands embracing Gen Z on Facebook

September 1, 2021

Since the dawn of Generation Z, Facebook’s user rate has fluctuated and now it is seen as a social media mainly for Mums and Dads. Consequently, this has an impact on brands which rely on Facebook as its main social channel. They are losing all their Gen Z-ers!

As a Gen Z myself, I’m going to focus on some brands that have turned lemons into legends and thrived to keep Gen Z engaged, specifically on Facebook.

But first, what is so unattractive about Facebook when compared with channels like Instagram and TikTok?

Although Gen Z is the first fully digitally aware generation, we still want human elements online. Long-winded chunks of text aren’t appealing to a person who grew up watching more TV than reading books!

Overall, it boils down to attention span. Instagram and TikTok have nailed the art of keeping our attention. It takes 3 seconds to grab a Gen Z-ers attention before they are bored and ready to move on – and actually keeping the attention is equally as important. Instagram and TikTok do this by providing a space for ever-changing content, there is always something new. A Gen Z-er’s world is moving fast so their social channels need to move even faster!


1.Facebook Media Queens – Missguided

Missguided is very clever in its brand marketing on Facebook as it doesn’t limit its content to being only about clothes. Originally, the consumers of its content were there to see what new clothes are launching and to then buy via links. However, since it has broadened its content strategy, Missguided is seen as a cool, young, relatable woman rather than just a brand. It now posts popular and current memes with short, quick  captions. Everything it posts is relatable and will often refer to current events that young people will know all about. 100% Gen Z proof!


2. LADbible – Creating a Facebook Success Bible?

The media and news channel LADbible originated on Facebook and has been growing continuously since it’s start in 2012. It’s fair to say that nearly all Gen Z will know what LADbible is. It understands what language is needed in order to appeal to all age ranges. Short, precise and a maximum of 2 emojis! It can be very obvious when you’re reading something that is trying too hard to appeal to Gen Z, so when brands get it right they have hit the sweet spot.


3. Tasty Facebook Content

Tasty is a food content Facebook page which is owned by Buzzfeed and since the page was created in 2015, there are now more related pages like Tasty Vegetarian and Tasty Vegan. It posts content on all things food, from food hacks to immunity-boosting food recipes, and with a total number of likes at 97 million, Tasty is doing something right. A lot of its content is video based and overall its page has very little text. There is also something very satisfying about watching food being made, so the 2-5 minute long videos aren’t as offensive to a Gen Z, especially when the food porn is as good as Tasty shows us!


Ultimately, it is about brand personality. Users have friends lists on Facebook so when marketing to Gen Z-ers on that platform, be their friend and put a real voice behind the brand. Whether that voice be that of a Gen Z-er or not, we should #keepitreal