Tech and Takeaways, by Holly Green

Tech and The City
June 8, 2017

Takeaways have generally been viewed as an unhealthy selection of food options which are usually ordered as a ‘treat’ on occasion. But how can you avoid being unhealthy when the likes of Chinese, pizzas and curries dominate the takeaway market?

Enter Deliveroo. The company’s state of the art technology platform has enhanced food ordering and delivery at every level.

Established in 2013 in London, Deliveroo has developed into what has been branded as ‘one of the UK’s largest tech hubs’ making fine dining in under 32 minutes possible. The company is known for their cheeky style of PR taking their amazing delivery services to the maximum and teaming up with tech-company GoPro for their ‘extreme delivery’ April Fools stunt!

Consumers already know that the brand offers fast delivery services, so they may have fallen for this introduction of extreme delivery. It certainly promotes Deliveroo’s quickness and efficiency! The company also compare quotes and buy a policy of insurance to insure their delivery agents, thus providing safety to their riders.

Through the creation of highly advanced smartphone software for delivery drivers, the company has seen a demand for skills in sectors such as algorithm development and software engineering. So, you can be sure that from the moment your order is placed to the time it is delivered, it will be tracked with exceptional efficiency. Taking note of this service, Uber also launched UberEATS in London last year, making your selection of takeaway far vaster than the likes of Just Eat.

This has revolutionised how consumers perceive the act of simply ‘ordering a takeaway’.

In recent times, Deliveroo has come under criticism in the media for their employment rights and guaranteed pay levels. But on a technological level, they are leading the way and their PR can be used to challenge such perceptions. We can see examples of this on their social media as shown through their ‘Extreme Delivery’ April fools! Did you fall for it?