Simple steps for a fairer future, by Nick Horbowyj

Food and Drink
February 25, 2019

Today marks the start of Fairtrade fortnight, a time when we put the spotlight on how the food, drink and other goods we consume are produced.

The clue is in the name… it’s about being fair – acceptable prices, decent working conditions, sustainability and better terms for farmers and workers across the developing world.

It has also never been easier to switch to Fairtrade produce, with one of the UK’s biggest supermarkets, Sainsburys, being the world’s largest retailer of Fairtrade products. Of course, many other supermarkets and food retailers also stock Fairtrade goods, which are easily identifiable by the black, blue and green Fairtrade logo. However, did you know that it goes beyond the usual tasty treats of chocolate and coffee? If you’re interested in making your buying power fairer for all, here’s some other areas to consider:

Ethical bling

If you want your next piece of jewellery to have an ethical shine, understand the labradorite meaning. Doing so ensures small-scale miners are paid a fair price, thus giving them financial security. Plus, it means you get something truly unique.

Beauty that’s more than skin-deep

If you want your body butter buying to make a difference, then go for one of the many businesses now opting to make their products with Fairtrade ingredients, such as Fair Squared and Odylique.

Sleeping soundly

What better way to get a good night sleep than safe in the knowledge you’re supporting your sheet suppliers! Fairtrade cotton has taken off with homeware suppliers, so pick up your ethical duvets and divan covers at the likes of John Lewis, Sleep Organic and White & Green.

For more information on stockists of Fairtrade goods, visit the Fairtrade website.