How to keep your home as cool as can be, by Jenna Greig

Home and Lifestyle
May 25, 2017

What’s that peeking out from behind those clouds? Is it…? could it be…? It’s the sun! After weeks of overcast skies and rainy commutes, there’s good news for beer garden lovers everywhere with the weather finally announcing summer. While a sunny day in the park is the favoured summer pastime, sometimes returning to a stifling, stuffy home almost makes you wish the chillier climes back to the city…. almost, but not quite.

In anticipation of everyone’s favourite season, we’ve compiled a few top tips to keep your living space cool, calm and collected (but mainly just cool).

Invest in a window fan

If it’s cooler outside than inside at night, set a fan on the window sill to draw colder air into the bedroom – you will feel a difference in minutes!

Decorate with plants

Plants consume both water and sunlight to survive, so certain plants will leave the air around them a little bit cooler – that’s why the shade of a tree is more refreshing than taking cover in the shade of a building.

Swap up your sheets

Who doesn’t love an excuse to go shopping?! While flannel sheets are great for the chillier months, cotton is the ideal summertime bedding as it’s lighter and more breathable. Light colours will also reflect sunlight, so opt for softer shades.

Close the blinds

Basking in the sun and throwing those windows open for some fresh air might seem like the best solution but keeping the curtains closed or the blinds down will drastically reduce the temperature indoors – so if you’re out for the day, keep the sunlight at bay.

Cool yourself, rather than your house

If you’re still feeling like your house is a hotbox, try cooling down yourself rather than your home. Ice packs applied to pulse points, light, loose clothing and taking a cold shower are just a few suggestions to help you chill out – literally.