Fantastic film, by Ben Frith

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February 27, 2019

There aren’t many things as powerful as cinema so, with awards season in full swing, it’s only natural that brands are doing all they can to link themselves with stories seen on screen and benefit from the buzz.

Who can blame them? The furore generated by Hollywood’s most successful films and television shows is strong enough to surpass any number of awards on a shelf, and often changes the light in which audiences see something for far longer than the time spent watching them.

The tourism industry is perhaps one of the best at capitalizing on this potential. In the years since Games of Thrones chose Dubrovnik as its double for King’s Landing (the capital of Westeros for those not acquainted), the small town has become one of Croatia’s most sought-after destinations. In fact, Dubrovnik Tourism Board putting its increase of between 9 – 12% visitors every year down to the show. Similar stories can be told of New Zealand, Austria and even here in the UK.

We certainly know how to capitalize on this for our travel clients (our coverage in Good Housekeeping and Harper’s Bazaar for Super Break proves that!), but the silver screen’s influence expands outside of the locations seen on it.

To coincide with this year’s Academy Awards, Odeon unveiled its very own accolade – the ‘Osc-her’  to highlight that only 10.7% of winners throughout Oscar history have been female and support the 75% of Brits that are calling for women to be better represented at the annual awards ceremony. It isn’t the first time the brand has used the ceremony to entice its audience though. Back in 2016, it also renamed its Leicester Square cinema as ‘Leodeon’ in honour of Leonardo DiCaprio.

Aqua Shard also tossed its hat into the ring by launching a Mary Poppins Returns-inspired afternoon tea. Complete with a supercalifragilisticexpialidocious selection of treats, the sweet selection was covered everywhere from Good Morning America to Pretty52, demonstrating how successful these links can be in the Food & Drink sector as well.

With another year of great television and film ahead of us, we’re already looking forward to seeing exactly how this influence will seep out beyond the screen over the coming months.