Damn Daniel, back at it with LG

October 31, 2016

For those more internet savvy people, if we were to say “Damn Daniel” there’s a good chance you’ll know what we’re on about. Back in February this year a snapchat compilation video of an American school kid complimenting his friend, Daniel, quickly moved in to the internet hall of fame.


The unexplainably entertaining video had people all over the world mimicking the “Damn Daniel” phrase. As with most memes, the hype eventually died down before being put on the back burner to make way for more memes and viral stories.


Not for mobile phone giant LG however, who has rehashed the Damn Daniel video in its latest marketing campaign. In a bid to market its new phone model, complete with 16-megapixel camera, LG is releasing a series of viral video remakes to highlight how your next viral video doesn’t have to be shot on a poor quality camera phone.


The video sees Daniel make a professional production level come back as he struts his famous white Vans alongside an R&B group. The group sings an original song about Daniel as well as mentioning all of the new features on LG’s latest addition. The whole video makes for an entertaining watch helped by the comedy aspect of the R&B group.


Here are some things we’ve picked up on from the video:

  1. Companies are still up for piggybacking internet memes for sales, much the same as Virgin Media using Success Kid back in 2012.
  2. Applying your product/service to an organically generated internet hit doesn’t automatically make you a corporate leech. By using the Damn Daniel star, and enhancing the original video’s theme (an appreciation of Daniel’s smooth style) with an R&B group, LG managed to pay tribute to the video it was hi-jacking rather than forcing an unnatural message. It’s a good balance.

We’re looking forward to seeing the other meme recreations LG has lined up, but you can watch the first Damn Daniel                one here.