Cauldron Foods go Carbon Neutral with Rachel de Thame
Plant-based to Planet-based

Cauldron Foods has been creating delicious, award-winning plant-based food for over 40 years. The next step in its journey is 100% carbon neutral certification across its full range of products. Lucre won a competitive pitch to maximise awareness of this new development, plus communicate the launch of a new product, ‘Korean Bites’ at the same time.

Plant-based is undoubtedly a ‘hot topic’ but the challenge is that the market has become cluttered, particularly at time of launch during ‘Veganuary’. Lucre needed to come up with something to get cut through and stand out from the crowds.

We did this with a concept unique to Cauldron Foods: ‘from plant based to planet based’. A perfect alignment with the entire range being certified as carbon neutral and a truly authentic way to ensure it is their name on everyone’s lips.

We utilised our Search Savvy approach to ensure we knew the top search topics around sustainability at the time of launch and tailored our campaign accordingly. We also commissioned research that found 58% of the nation were considering New Year’s resolutions to minimize their carbon footprint but weren’t always sure how to actually do that in practice.

So, working together with television presenter and gardener Rachel de Thame as our spokesperson, we offered top tips on how to live a more sustainable lifestyle, including eating a plant based diet and growing your own veg.

The results speak for themselves, with Rachel featured on TV with a brand mention for Cauldron Foods, on both ITV News and London Live, and a total broadcast reach of over 5.5million. Plus, a whole host of national print coverage and social media influencer advocates on top. Check out the ITV News feature below.

Whether you’re just starting out on your sustainability journey, or you want to learn more about how to elevate your sustainability credentials in front of the right people – get in touch today.