State of the Nation Report: Align Your Marketing to What Matters Most to Travellers

June 13, 2022

State of the Nation Report: Align Your Marketing to What Matters Most to Travellers

With the cost-of-living crisis taking effect combined with the dust of post-pandemic world still settling, are people putting off their travelling ambitions for another year?

After what feels like a lifetime of limits when it comes to travel, the prospect of being able to leave our unpredictable weather forecast behind in favour of a sun-drenched haven sounds more appealing than a pool side pina colada. That long-anticipated moment the Government finally unveiled green list of places we could visit will remain fresh in our post-pandemic minds for years to come; ‘Look! We can now go to Spain!’, ‘Ooo – Italy is a green!,’ ‘Sure, Germany is green – but have you seen Croatia is back on the cards?’

You could almost smell sun cream in the air.

And now we’re at a point where, providing we’re boosted, it’s safe to travel and the world is our oyster once again. The British border is no more a barrier! So, what’s holding prospective customers back from booking their jollies?

Ah. The cost-of-living crisis… Try as one might, that’s something you can’t block out with SPF 50.

We recently conducted researched which revealed that overall, 54% of people say they will take fewer trips in 2022 compared to 2021 – despite the end of the pandemic. An astounding 69% of participants said they would take no trips whatsoever thanks to the cost-of-living crisis. With the rising cost in living taking centre stage as the biggest influence on travel decisions, it seems the green list is more of a Pinterest board fantasy as opposed to a blissful reality.

Sure, travel in 2022 may look a little different than it has in previous years. But there is such a thing a budget holidays – and travel brands need to step up to the rising demand for trips that don’t cost the earth to attract potential customers. Speaking of which, our findings showed that sustainability is not a high priority factor when it comes to booking travel:

  • 33% said they would like eco-friendly options but they aren’t a priority.
  • 28% said they don’t think about sustainability when booking a trip.
  • 59% said they wouldn’t be convinced by eco-travel options.
  • 64% said carbon offsetting flights wouldn’t sway them to book.

So, where should you be targeting your campaigns?

When asked what factors the main influences would be to take a trip, there was an inevitable theme surrounding cheap deals, endless sun, and of course – great online reviews. With spare income becoming more precious by the month, it’s not surprising that people want to be absolutely certain that they’re going to have a great experience before they hit that ‘book now’ button. Ask yourself, why should people travel with you? They work hard and they’re ready to play hard – but it’s going to take more than a competitive baggage allowance to sway travellers in 2022. No, if you want to stand out from the noise, you need to give them exactly what they want.

What would be the biggest influence on taking a trip?

  • 56% said they want discounted flights
  • 65% said they want good hotel deals
  • 62% said they look for guaranteed sun holidays
  • 56% said they always check the reviews first
    • This factor is particularly important to Gen Z, the most digital savvy audience to target

Now the question is, did the holiday really happen if you didn’t post a hot dog leg snap on Instagram? Well, of course! 63% of Gen Z and 52% of Millennials we asked mentioned that they would be convinced to choose a destination based on posts which would interested them for their social media feeds.

This means keeping aesthetics and experiences at the forefront – whether it’s a highlight capturing the in-flight vino, the Insta-worthy balcony views or the impressive hotel breakfast spread. These details may sound small – but it only takes one person to watch that story and be influenced into making their next holiday decision.

We’re heading for blue skies!

Despite the doom and gloom of a global pandemic and a rise of living costs, the research suggests nothing will stop the great British public from packing their bags with travel sized toiletries and high hopes for a much-deserved escape.

Promisingly, 66% said that holidays are now even more important post-Covid. Hey, it’s been a rough ride and we all need a smooth flight to paradise. Meanwhile for others, the piggy bank is being regularly topped up in a bid for more luxurious holidays in the next couple of years. 43% said they would book the trip of a lifetime in 2023, and 47% said that they’re holding out for 2024 – when the dust settles post-covid and the cost-of-living crisis levels out.

Either way, big things are coming for the travel industry. Brands just need to act now if they want to reap the benefits of awesome reviews and a brochure of diverse offerings later – and we’re here to bring that to life for you.

If you want to hear more about the ways we can help your brand create authentic campaigns to catch the eye of potential holiday-ers, get in touch!