A Day in the Life

September 13, 2021

James Harris is a Senior Account Director based out of our London office, where he has been supporting our clients for over 10 years.

Here, he shares a day in his life…

It goes without saying, that no two days are the same in our world. It may be a cliché, but over the last 12 months, this has never been so true.


Making the most of my morning

By 08:00 I’m logged on, loaded with caffeine and ready to start firing through my priorities. I always focus on tasks that require clear thinking in the mornings as that’s when I’m at my best. Today, first up is new business. We have a pitch next week and our insights teams has sent through reams of valuable competitor, media and audience insights that needs analysing before we can finesse our strategy and creative thinking.

Next up, I need to check in on how the team is doing drafting numerous award entries for our client, Global Student Accommodation, which is leading the charge in setting the standard for student housing around the world.

Then, before I break for a quick lunch, I finish up a proposal I’ve been putting together for an international client looking for UK media support. The lead was referred to us through our international agency network, L’Attitude, that I was instrumental in launching two months ago.



I’m a firm believer in taking breaks. Stepping away from my desk, even if only for a short time, makes me twice as effective when I return – especially whilst working from home. Today I’m off for a coffee and a sandwich with an old friend.


Afternoon meetings

Monday afternoons are stacked full of meetings. I check in with all my account teams to cover off any potential issues or pain points in the week ahead and ensure the required support is in place for every facet of every campaign we currently have running.

Once those are finished, I have a video call with a Scandinavian PR agency that we’re in discussions with regarding L’Attitude. Earlier this year we launched this collective of like-minded PR agencies and freelancers to deliver PR projects and marketing campaigns across Europe, North and South America, the Middle East and Asia quickly and easily. The network is already 20 strong, and is a hub for showcasing ideas, creativity, global insights and PR best practice, with all members sharing common working principles, as well as high standards when it comes to execution. Within just 6 months, the network went from concept to reality, and as a key part of my role is heading up L’Attitude, I need to constantly seek new agencies to join the group and expand its geographical reach.

Client catch-ups are dotted throughout the week, and this afternoon it’s time to check in with The Dalmore. We’re supporting the leading whisky brand with the most exciting global launch the team has delivered in years, so it’s time to catch up with our client to discuss progress and next steps.


Planning ahead

Tomorrow it’s the trade show Imbibe, where I’m looking forward to seeing upcoming trends and the latest brands coming onto the scene. This is critical for my role, allowing me to advise clients on how to grow their share of voice in these challenging times.


Winding down

Working from home has completely changed how we end our working day. Without closing the laptop and leaving the office it can be a struggle to have that feeling of closure and switching off. So you’ll often find me taking a walk round the block, just to replicate that ‘leaving the office feeling’. If that doesn’t work, it’s down the pub…