5 Ways to Engage With Gen Z-ers on Social Media this Summer

May 3, 2022

5 Ways to Engage With Gen Z-ers on Social Media this Summer

Brighter mornings, balmy evenings, barbequed foods in every possible form… What’s not to love about summer? And with school/university holidays just around the corner, many of us will be able to spend more quality time with the Gen Zers in our lives (ahem – that’s when they’re not completely engaged in the latest viral TikTok, that is).

As the bell rings for six weeks of blissful lecture-less freedom, digital natives will likely be swapping what would have been textbook time for endless lie ins and sunbathing sessions – meaning their social media usage (and Crunchy Nut Cornflake intake) will be ramping up by the day.

As recent studies show Gen Z-ers spend an average of 8 hours a day online – 85% of whom use social media to learn about new products making your brand stand out amongst a digital sea of ever-evolving content requires more strategy than the steps involved to make an Instagram-worthy garden focaccia (Google it). We’re covering five simple ways to cut through the noise and engage with this demographic in a truly meaningful and authentic way… Now listen up, class!

Make your brand purpose your priority

Having spent their entire lives surrounded by digital technologies, Gen Zers are the most progressive generation yet. They’re ready to learn, listen and act on social issues, holding themselves accountable to make a difference wherever possible and making a point of reflecting that throughout their social channels. But it doesn’t stop there. They also have an expectation for brands to do the same – from diversity, equality and inclusivity to environmental issues and mental health, a Marketing Dive study shows Gen Z is twice as likely as any other generation to care about issues and three times more likely to say the purpose of business is to ‘serve communities and society’. So providing your beliefs and ethos align with those of, well, any moral citizen, it’s time to start putting them at the forefront of your feeds.

Creativity + interaction = engagement

Suffice to say Gen Zers have well and truly earned the most progressive generation award – but what else have they got on the rest of us? Ah, yes… That would be their remarkable use of creativity on social media. A new study found that 51% of Gen Z believe their generation is more creative (both online and offline) than previous generations making it no surprise that they’re keen to express in everything from their latest highlight update right through to their seamlessly curated TikTok feed. So, if you want to catch the attention of a scroll-happy Gen Zer, try combining this creativity with interaction. From tapping on Twitter and Instagram story polls to adding stickers and sliders to your in-feed posts – social platforms are constantly developing fresh and innovative ways for brands to bolster their content, and ultimately keep their audiences as engaged as possible. Content hack: conversation starters are key.

Tag, you’re it!

Tagging on social media comes in different forms – and each has its own huge benefit. Creating a branded hashtag, for instance, is perfect for your customers to use on their posts – as when anyone clicks on that tag – an impressive looking page of your product will appear. This is also a great opportunity to get creative or even a little cheeky with the tag – think of something that will stick in your audience’s mind and make them want to share it! Another way you can get in on the tagging action is by creating a physical location from where you’re based, so people can tag themselves there on their posts and stories. Of course, this will depend on your business, but by having something Instagram worthy from your location – zoomers will feel more inclined to tag themselves there. Lastly, ‘tag a friend’ posts are always a good idea. Simple but effective, these catchy posts encourage users to get involved without requiring too much effort – and will ultimately boost your engagement. It’s a win win!

Video, but make it extra

‘Lights, camera, action’ has taken a whole new meaning thanks to the endless capabilities of TikTok; with out-of-this-world overlays, eye catching effects and undeniably catchy music available with the tap of a button. And considering they are the most innovative generation when it comes to making (and engaging with) content that ‘pops’, you’re going to want to do the same with your own. Focus on short-form videos that are long enough to get your message across, but snappy enough to keep their attention – 30-60 seconds is the sweet spot for optimum results. Gen Z makes up a whopping 60% of TikTok’s user base, and 85% use social media to learn about new products – so if you’re not already riding the TikTok wave, you know what to do. Just make sure to utilise those creative filters and trending tunes!

Humour adds personality

Look, we’re not going to sit here and tell you to completely change your brand tone of voice just to connect with the ‘cool kids’ – not just because it’s a terrible idea for your authenticity, but Gen Z are pretty smart when it comes to seeing through brands. What we can vouch for, however, is that not being afraid to add a touch of humor or ‘edge’ to your content will no doubt catch their attention. Digital natives are more likely to support brands that are seen as ‘fun’ and ‘cool’ – so thinking of innovative ways to incorporate this into your campaigns and tone of voice where appropriate will help make your social posts more relatable to the younger audience. Approach this with caution, even so, as ‘cool’ trends come and go quicker than a bottle of Pinot at a summer BBQ. Be sure to use catch phrases that are still ‘in’ so as not to come across as try-hard – the last thing you want to do is share a meme that was so last month. Just remember to keep it authentic to your brand!

Keen to learn more about how you can make your social content stand out this summer? Feel free to get in touch!