Crisis & Reputation Management

Crisis management; craft your own conclusion

When a crisis hits, one of the first things you need to establish is what a good conclusion will look like. That can be difficult when you don’t know where to start, because no one scenario is ever the same. At The Lucre Group, our search savvy approach, combined with years of proven expertise, ensures our team instinctively pinpoints the scale and nature of the issues at hand. Whether it’s re-framing and controlling your narrative within an unfolding story, or ensuring you do not play a part, we are an agency that understands agendas and news cycles, whilst navigating the emerging hurdles in real-time.

Establish the facts, but influence feelings

In a year where Covid has challenged the norm, feelings and emotions are more influential than ever, even when overwhelming evidence is to the contrary. Digital communications, swamped by constant, fake news, often fuel a scenario in which feelings overtake the facts and completely subsume the truth. But news cycles are short, and so are memories. If people feel that an organisation has handled something well, then they are more likely to be more forgiving – and that’s a key ingredient in effective crisis communications.

We’re all In

Drawing on a wealth of expertise and established protocols, we bring process, confidence and calm to any given situation. Seamlessly immersing ourselves into our clients’ teams, culture and ways of working, enables us to form the ultimate task force and deliver an objective response at lightning speed – keeping those who matter well-informed throughout.

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