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A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away, technology was for just for geeks; now it’s a part of every aspect of our lives (unless you’re a goat herder in the Urals, and even then….) Phones, social media, gaming, music, film, finance, shopping, eating out, taxis, tickets, heck, there’s even wearable technology. Tech is everywhere. And there’s new stuff appearing every moment it seems.

That’s where we come in. We’re specialists in new product launches. From devising thought provoking new positioning to high impact events and analyst briefings; we understand how to grab attention with the right audience, no matter how niche they might be. We eat technical, complex and specific for breakfast.

As you might expect, some senior members of our tech team have been up to their ears in the tech sector since some of the first innovations hit the market and in fact launched a lot of them. That depth of knowledge, plus our legendary creativity and gusto means we have the kind of enviable know-how needed to devise product launch approaches that are as innovative as the clients we represent.

We can demonstrate a real depth of understanding that means we can translate difficult tech into appealing media stories that are the catalyst for actual sales. We’ve got the kind of experience and contacts very few agencies can rival, including industry associations, user groups, analysts and media, not to mention fantastic client experience across multiple tech sectors. Oh okay then, we will mention it: how about TalkTalk Business, Kodak, IBM, Belkin, Sony and Oracle, to name a few of our clients?

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