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What Will Drones Deliver Next? by Dylan Verity

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The 2015 we were promised in Back to the Future (Part 2) appears to have arrived… two years later. Whilst we don’t have hoverboards or self-drying jackets, earlier this month the Dubai Roads and Transportation Authority announced plans to make drone taxis available for consumers as early as July of this year, making flying cars […]

Instagram unveils its new look

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  Instagram has unveiled big changes to its logo, moving away from the highly recognisable polaroid-camera style icon in favour of a new, flatter and multi-coloured design. The app has also been tweaked, now sporting a black and white look, in a move Instagram’s head of design Ian Spalter says was made to reflect the […]

Tech and Innovation update as Google proposes new set of female emojis

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  The tech and innovation sector has taken a step forward, according to reports in the Guardian and elsewhere; Google employees have proposed a new set of emojis designed to promote workplace gender equality. These emojis would include female engineers, plumbers, farmers and chemists.The Google team presented the designs of 13 new emojis on Tuesday at the Unicode […]

How much fun is this? make your own new London Tube line sign

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Well this has whiled away the time at Lucre Towers, as we made our own new London Tube line signs.  Our lovely friends at BuzzFeedUK really know how to hit the spot! Naturally, we had our own take on it. There was the fairly literal approach:                   […]