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Snap Maps: A tap too far? by Bianca Matley

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Updating your mates on your stories, adding that all-too-familiar dog filter with the floppy tongue and or beautifying yourself with big eyes and a flower crown, sound familiar? It’s what Snapchat’s about right? And it’s all fun and games until, that is, Snapchat makes updates, unbeknownst to you and its other X million users. The […]

Tech and Takeaways, by Holly Green

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Takeaways have generally been viewed as an unhealthy selection of food options which are usually ordered as a ‘treat’ on occasion. But how can you avoid being unhealthy when the likes of Chinese, pizzas and curries dominate the takeaway market? Enter Deliveroo. The company’s state of the art technology platform has enhanced food ordering and […]

Snapchat spectacles land in the UK, by Annika McDonald

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Unless you’ve been very disconnected from social media the past six years, you will no doubt be aware of the popular photo-sharing app Snapchat and its infamous filters. First came the funny filters, then Snapchat story and now Snap Inc have launched their very own recording sunglasses – Snapchat spectacles. They may look like your […]

What Does the Facebook Rocket Icon Mean? By Becky Mann

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Over the last few weeks, people may have noticed Facebook users sharing rare sightings of the lesser-spotted Facebook rocket on their social feeds, calling for the community to confirm its purpose on their timeline. For those not yet in the know, Facebook has introduced the rocket icon to just a handful of users as part […]

Getting Romantic with Technology, by Rose Dooley

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The Valentine’s hype hit us hard this week with countless brands all competing to win the hearts of their audiences using clever stunts and creative campaigns. As expected, the M&S Dine in for Two deal remained a popular talking point ensuring that shelves in the retailer’s food aisles were stripped bare by supper time. Competing […]

VR is becoming mainstream. Are you ready? By Bogdan Marinescu

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I’ve long been a fan of Virtual Reality and have eagerly been waiting to see and experience its applications in everyday life. You can therefore imagine my sheer delight when the BBC announced the launch of a VR service for viewers to experience the 2016 Rio Olympics in immersive 360 degrees style. The Beeb will […]