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A London summer in the sky, by Alice Kinsey

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July is the season where you start day dreaming at your desk about the Italian landscapes of Tuscany, the fan in the corner is barely taking your mind off the sweltering heat…wine, cobalt streets and rose bushes are your next haven but until then, I have sourced some of the most glimmering London rooftop bars […]

To see or not to see? How our senses affect our relationship with products, by Ryan Lewis

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Everybody has heard the old adage “you eat with your eyes” but is it true? In the last month over the course of two very different culinary dates, my girlfriend and I have really put that theory to the test. Firstly, an extremely visual food sensation at Leeds’s only Michelin-starred restaurant The Man behind the […]

How much fun is this? make your own new London Tube line sign

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Well this has whiled away the time at Lucre Towers, as we made our own new London Tube line signs.  Our lovely friends at BuzzFeedUK really know how to hit the spot! Naturally, we had our own take on it. There was the fairly literal approach:                   […]