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How will Facebook’s new algorithm impact you? By Jack Moore

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It’s September. Let that sink in. Schools are back, bars across the country are now advertising their Christmas party offerings and knowing the UK, the weather will get inexplicably better for a week, then nose dive into autumnal rain and wind. So with this in mind, let’s take a look back at August and pretend […]

The rise of Insta-Gran By Jack Moore

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Almost every one of us has been there…having a browse on Facebook, checking what our mates got up to at the weekend whilst we wait for the bus, when suddenly a friend request pops up. Upon opening the request, it dawns upon you that Great Aunt Dolly has got Facebook, and she wants to be […]

What Does the Facebook Rocket Icon Mean? By Becky Mann

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Over the last few weeks, people may have noticed Facebook users sharing rare sightings of the lesser-spotted Facebook rocket on their social feeds, calling for the community to confirm its purpose on their timeline. For those not yet in the know, Facebook has introduced the rocket icon to just a handful of users as part […]

Keep it relevant – Facebook News Feed changes, By Brett Cullen

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Facebook is ramping up its efforts to make scrolling through News Feed a better experience with a series of recent updates aimed at making it a place full of content that’s more relevant to an individual users’ needs. Therefore, it’s more important than ever that the way brands communicate on the social media juggernaut’s platform […]

Facebook reactions slow out of the blocks

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Back in late February, Facebook made one of its most major changes to post interaction ever by introducing reactions, This was, supposedly, to offer us a new way to engage with our favourite brands. And the five new reactions would also give social media teams a greater depth of analysis, allowing for some interesting insights […]

It’s a new day, but is it a new dawn?

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Of all the innovations we might have expected at Lucre Towers, the launch of a new print newspaper wasn’t one of them.  But the New Day is to start its print run next week, the UK’s first new national newspaper for 30 years.  Who’da thunk?  It will be 40 pages and sell for 50p, although it […]