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We love a good debate! That’s why we run Round Table events with key commentators from the industry every six months. We explore different topics each time that sit within our four key sectors – Food & Drink, Home & Lifestyle, Travel & Leisure and Tech & Innovation.

Here’s a look at some of our past Round Table events.

Provenance vs Price: The Future of British Food Post-Brexit


This month we held our second Lucre Group Ideas & Insight session looking at the Food & Drink sector. The title was Provenance vs Price: The Future of British Food Post-Brexit. A very relevant topic in the current uncertainty of whether Brexit will be an opportunity or a challenge for food manufacturers, retailers and ultimately, […]

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The Road To Rio: The Impact of the 2016 Olympic Games


In April 2016, the Lucre Group hosted its first ever Rich Ideas and Insights (I&I) event, entitled The Impact of Rio, an examination of how the Rio Olympics will impact the Home & Lifestyle, Travel and Food & Drink sectors. As the latest addition to the Lucre family, I&I is about keeping our thinking fresh, […]

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  • February 16, 2017

    Getting Romantic with Technology, by Rose Dooley

    By lucreteam

    The Valentine’s hype hit us hard this week with countless brands all competing to win the hearts of their audiences using clever stunts and creative campaigns.

    As expected, the M&S Dine in for Two deal remained a popular talking point ensuring that shelves in the retailer’s food aisles were stripped bare by supper time. Competing for the quirky content title, Dominos launched novelty pizza engagement rings and Poundland created a £7 meal for two (including meatballs avec Pot Noodle on the cards).  In fact, throughout the food and leisure industries there were countless examples of Valentine’s campaign coverage in mainstream and social media alike.

    But what about those outside of the gift or food markets? How do companies based in the tech sector still woo the public (and media) without a clear link to wining and dining or traditional romantic treats? The answer is simple, they provide content/services that people can use to enhance the day itself. Rather than dedicated discounts or dramatic dresses made of rose petals, they use innovation to grab our attention and enhance our experience. After all, that’s what technology is all about.

    Some of our favourite examples included a Valentine’s themed filter from the photo sharing app Snapchat, providing its users with an opportunity to create themed-content for their feeds. Tech giant Apple also surprised us with a great Valentine’s upgrade from our favourite voice controlled PA Siri. From reminders to pick up flowers and romantic restaurant suggestions to cheeky chat up lines, it had lots to offer those hopeless romantics among us.

    Siri - Will you be my Valentine

    For us, this just goes to show that you don’t always have to be at the ‘heart’ of an occasion to make the most of it. Technology isn’t always seen as the most romantic of sectors. However, as long as you create your campaign from a consumer-led insight, habit or need, the opportunities are endless whatever sector you are in!

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  • February 13, 2017
    Video app on smartphone screen. Watch and share digital content. Hand holds smartphone, finger touch screen. Modern concept for web banners, web sites, infographics. Flat design vector illustration

    Keep it relevant – Facebook News Feed changes, By Brett Cullen

    By lucreteam

    Facebook is ramping up its efforts to make scrolling through News Feed a better experience with a series of recent updates aimed at making it a place full of content that’s more relevant to an individual users’ needs. Therefore, it’s more important than ever that the way brands communicate on the social media juggernaut’s platform adds genuine value and not just more lazy, hazy noise.

    The News Feed algorithm is constantly under review as Facebook tries to find the delicate balance to keep everyone happy. There are lots of what Facebook call ‘signals’ which help to decide what they think may be relevant to each user. We know that the key signals in deciding what is in News Feed are who posted content, what type of content is posted, the number and type of engagements with that content and when the content is posted.

    The latest updates include new signals to show users more authentic and timely stories, plus adding more value to video completion rates.

    Pages that are posting spam, consistently trying to game feed (asking for Likes, Comments, Shares) or have their posts hidden by users, may be in trouble. Facebook could deem that the content those Pages (Brands) post isn’t authentic, which will only have a negative impact on its News Feed status. On the flip side, if the new signals judge a post to be authentic, it may show up higher in users’ News Feed. As an aside, Facebook’s high-profile attempts at clamping down on fake news is likely to be a long, on-going process using some sort of AI/human verification process. It’s a major topic on the wider news agenda so FB are ploughing major resource in to fighting it and improving the overall authenticity of the site.

    A lot has been made in the past about posting content at a specific time. As mentioned, Facebook’s algorithm has been updated to weight other signals more heavily in deciding what’s relevant, meaning there’s less focus on content having to be posted at a specific time of day (who posted, type of content etc). However, the new ‘real time’ update is designed look at how signals change on the fly. For example, if lots of people engage on a particular post or topic in a short space of time, Facebook may judge that it would be temporarily more important to you. A recent example of where this would have come in to effect could have been with the SuperBowl which captured the attention of 60 million people on Facebook, who created over 200 million posts, comments and likes.

    Video is just one of the many types of content that a user, or brand, can post and Facebook wants to organically serve relevant videos to users. With regards to News Feed rankings, it has taken in to account whether it’s Live, how long it’s been watched for, whether people turn sound on or opt to view full screen. Now (finally), it’s giving more weighting to completion rates. This means that if you watch most (at least half) or all of a video, you’re telling FB that you find it compelling as completing (or getting to halfway) on a longer video is a bigger commitment than with a shorter one. Facebook is therefore weighting completion rates more heavily the longer the video is to avoid penalising longer videos. This is also good news for users who enjoy watching long-form videos as they’re now likely to see more in their News Feed.

    Here are some things to take from these updates:

    1. Make your content relevant to your audience – this is always the message. Don’t get lazy and add to the noise. Think about whether it’s authentic or telling a meaningful story. Ask the question: is this going to add value to my audience?

    2. Make use of Paid – it’s hard to cut through the noise and sometimes it’s not enough to make what looks like good content on paper and expect it to perform exactly how you hoped organically. Paid is a good way to target a specific audience in News Feed, but you’ve still got to make sure they’re seeing relevant content.

    3. The ideal length of a video is whatever time is required to tell a compelling story that engages with your audience. Look at your analytics to get a better understanding of what works and what doesn’t.

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  • February 9, 2017
    Organic leftovers, waste from vegetable ready for recycling and to compost. Collecting food leftovers for composting. Environmentally responsible behavior, ecology concept.

    Waste Not, Want Not by Ali Gwynne

    By lucreteam

    Cut down on food waste and save money

    It’s a common conundrum, you pass the supermarket on the journey home from work, unable to recall what’s in the fridge. Consequently, you end up buying meat, bread and milk that you not only don’t need, but will inevitably have to throw out when it spoils.

    Unnecessary food wastage is an issue and as consumers we need to do everything we can to combat it. It’s said that as many as 8.4m families in the UK struggle to when it comes to putting meals on the table – yet alarmingly 7.3m tonnes of food waste still ends up in landfills each year.

    The past ten years has seen a surge in the awareness of unnecessary food waste with the help of campaigns such as “Love Food, Hate Waste”, prompting people to rethink the way they shop and cook. Supermarkets have also come under fire to improve packaging so that consumers know when food is no longer edible, and as a result, the government launched a voluntary contract called the Courtauld Agreement between supermarkets and manufacturers as a way of stopping food from ending up in landfills.

    So, aside from reducing what goes into landfills each year, what’s in it for you? Throwing edible food away comes at a cost of around £200 per person annually, and £700 for the average family. So, cut your yearly grocery bill down to size by getting a little creative with your meal choices and save more of the food you buy from the bin with the tips below.

    1. Stalemate

    You’d be surprised to know that stuffing works better with stale, rather than fresh, bread – so if your loaf is more brick than bread, chuck it in a pan instead of the bin! Alternatively create a batch of delicious croutons to top off a Caesar salad, or whip up a toasted sandwich or two.

    2. Bring your veg back from the brink

    Fridges tend to suck the life (read: moisture) out of fresh veg that naturally has a high water content. Try submerging the likes of wilting carrots, celery, cucumbers, salad leaves, spinach and broccoli in ice-cold water for 30 minutes to spruce them up again.

    3. It’s what’s on the inside that counts

    Mould on the outside of hard cheeses like Cheddar or Red Leicester can easily be scraped off to reveal their inner beauty, just don’t try it on soft cheeses like Brie as these are inedible once mouldy.

    4. An important date

    Keep a close eye on ‘best before’ and ‘use by’ labels to prevent food from going bad. Products with short shelf lives such as dairy products are often banished to the back of the fridge where they are easily forgotten. Try keeping these towards the front of the fridge where they’ll be front of mind.

    5. Lovely leftovers

    Getting inventive with leftover food is one way to save money. It all boils down to thinking before you throw.

    -The leftovers from a Sunday roast (if you’re lucky enough to have any!) can be used in curries, soups, risottos and even sandwiches. If you’re willing to go one step further, then a simple bone broth can be made from the carcass, ensuring nothing goes to waste (this can even be frozen in batches for a cheap stock alternative).

    -Portion leftover meals into sealed bags and pop in the freezer as ‘ready meals’ for one.

    -If you didn’t quite manage to polish off that bottle of wine then the last dregs can be frozen in ice cube trays and popped into stews and casseroles when cooking.

    -Get your just desserts! Cut the bruises off old apples and use in apple pies or crumbles, alternatively mash up black bananas and whip up a batch of muffins or a cake.

    6. Failing to plan is planning to fail

    Meal planning is one of the most effective ways you can save on your food bills. At the beginning of each week take a photo of your fridge, freezer and cupboards so that you don’t end up doubling up on grocery items. That way you won’t shop for things you already have.

    Even implementing a few of these tips should help to cut down in the amount of food waste you create, so next time you pop to the shops think about how you can do your part in the war on food waste!

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  • February 6, 2017
    06022017 Power to the Plants

    Power of the Plant? By Kristine Østergaard

    By lucreteam

    As referenced in our summary of 2017 food trends, there are a number of food and drink movements which look set to influence our dining decisions over the coming months. But how does a trend manifest itself in our daily lives and in what situations are we exposed to them? Do we explore at home, on-the-go or head out to get a taste of what’s predicted for 2017? And to what degree do we let the media and social hype influence our preferences for the items we consume on a daily basis?

    The focus on healthier and cleaner lifestyles has sharpened and consequently triggered a growing interest in vegetarian and vegan products, naturally heightening the demand on such groceries and the number of people following these diets. As a result, supermarkets are continually upgrading their range of products to include the ingredients vital in vegetarian and vegan diets, formerly only found in health food stores or speciality shops. Restaurants are now not only offering vegetarian and vegan options to a higher degree than before, but are using vegetables in ever experimental and innovating ways to make a diet of the ‘powerful plant’ appealing and attracting, even to men and avid meat lovers.

    In London, this became very real and present with the opening of the world’s first ever vegan-friendly chicken shop, Temple of Hackney (Seitan), on a rainy Saturday in January. Hundreds of hungry vegans queued in the rain to sample a vegan version of fried ‘chicken’, made from seitan, which is derived from the protein portion of wheat, instead of meat. This might sound a bit dull, but judging the publicity on social media, (“Just had vegan fried chicken from @templeofseitan and it’s the best thing about 2017 so far!”), you’re clearly the one missing out if you haven’t tried this yet.

    Vegetarian butchers are popping up across the world and creatively mimicking the meats sold in traditional butcheries, but without containing animal flesh. This is to supply chicken, ham, beef and seafood which purportedly looks, feels and tastes like the real deal but is solely made from plant protein. We’re not expecting traditional butchers to disappear, but plants will certainly gain further power as many are predicting and the vegetarian/vegan diet could possibly become the single biggest movement of 2017.

    Surprisingly, or at least to me, choosing to follow a vegetarian or vegan diet also affects your opportunities for drinks to have with your meal. Don’t panic though, you don’t have to juice all your veggies on top of ‘just’ eating them, but for those new to the movement, be aware that many prefabricated drinks include ingredients not suitable for the vegetarian/vegan you. A small number of orange and red-coloured drinks contain gelatin (derived from collagen obtained from various animal by-product) and will be stated on the packing. So, make sure you look out for the vegetarian friendly and vegan trademarks. Regarding alcoholic drinks, it becomes a bit more complicated as some are clarified using protein from animals. To overcome any issues, you can visit barnivore to find out if your favourite booze is vegetarian-/vegan-friendly or if you need to find a new one.

    To be honest, even I, a very active athlete in deep need of and truly addicted to chicken, have considered turning my back to current preferred protein sources found in fish and poultry. Why? Because trying out a plant-based diet, sticking to vegetarian dishes for breakfast, lunch and dinner has made me and my body feel so much better. Refreshed and light in another way than I have ever tried before. Maybe you should try it yourself?

    Ambitious as a change of diet is or can be, it’s only February, so hard to tell whether all this is just an aftermath of the ‘new year, new me’, ‘veganuary’ and other typical trends around New Year, or if it will gradually become a more common way of eating and potentially ‘drinking’, in 2017. Nevertheless, it seems like there’s plenty of opportunity to expose ourselves to the ‘power of the plant’ at home, on-the-go and when going out for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    Image courtesy of

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  • February 2, 2017
    female legs in woolen socks close up

    Hygge’s out and Lagom’s in – but why are we so taken with Scandinavian trends? By Jenna Greig

    By lucreteam

    In case you missed it (and I’m certain you didn’t), in 2016 cosiness received a Scandinavian rebrand and suddenly you couldn’t open a magazine without being confronted with the almost unpronounceable Hygge (hue-ga). The age-old Danish phrase is more accurately translated to a comfortable state of being or a warm feeling of contentment, yet in Britain we filtered this down to listing soft furnishings and the most comfortable socks.

    In October, The Guardian championed Hygge as a soothing balm for the traumas of 2016, yet come November had cottoned on to the ‘conspiracy’ of the buzzword, at the same time as The Spectator crowned Hygge the most annoying word of 2016 – a sure sign it’s on its way out. So, what’s next?

    That would be Lagom, according to Elle – a Swedish word meaning ‘just the right amount’. Or perhaps Sisu, as the Times reports, a Finnish word that means fearlessness and stoicism. Either way, whether we’re ditching knitwear for balance or bravery, it looks like the next big lifestyle trends are migrating from Scandinavia once again.

    So, the question remains, why the overwhelming interest in Nordic culture? It could be because they’re just so happy. In the 2016 World Happiness report, the top five countries listed are Denmark, Switzerland, Iceland, Norway and Finland respectively. As a region, Scandinavia seem to have their collective lives together, and that’s pretty appealing. Perhaps it’s just a clever marketing tool? It’s all too easy it seems to find a mysterious-sounding foreign word for an everyday concept. Or maybe it’s just a long-standing notion that the birthplace of Ikea can do no wrong? At the end of the day we’re in it for the kaukokohteisiin (that’s long-haul in Finnish), but at least Lagom is easier to pronounce.

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  • January 30, 2017
    Going Green 30.01.17

    Going green in 2017 by Nick Horbowyj

    By lucreteam

    Is green the theme for 2017? Nick Horbowyj, amateur lover of all things interiors, gives his thoughts on how to incorporate Mother Nature’s palette into your home this year.

    Green with envy

    Firstly, attention must be paid to the 2017 Pantone Colour of the Year aptly named, Greenery. Described by Elle Décor as the world’s brightest neutral, it is said to represent rejuvenation and although the colour of envy may be scary to some, going green will inject life into any room. Paired with pale greys, stark whites and matt black, the colour helps highlight elegance, marrying perfectly with a wide range of styles, from ancient splendour, 70’s revival and extreme modernism.

    Taste of the tropics

    The tropical trend has been consistent in design since the Rio Olympics, and it’s not hard to see why. Martyn Lawrence-Bullard in Vogue attributes the ongoing trend to runway collections from Marc Jacobs, Prada and Emanuel Ungaro, with hibiscus and palm leaf featuring prominently. The vibrant prints certainly add excitement to interiors however, moderation is important, if you want to avoid your living room resembling a Tiki lounge.  Subtle incorporation can be achieved through soft furnishings, such as accent pillows on a neutral sofa.

    No-fuss greenery

    From print to potted plant, any space can benefit from foliage. According to an article in The Telegraph, this year swap your flowering house plants for evergreens, with ferns taking centre stage. Loved by the Victorians, this plant adds year-round architectural elegance to a room. If you struggle with the responsibility of keeping plants alive, incorporate your ferns into a sealed terrarium – minimal upkeep for maximum leafy impact.

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  • January 26, 2017
    Travel pic - Ben's post 26.01.17 reduced

    2017 in Travel, by Ben Frith

    By lucreteam

    This time last year, Reykjavik, Copenhagen and Croatia were just some of the places tipped as the top destinations of 2016, and many of us at Lucre were lucky enough to spend at least a couple of days (or more, in some cases) exploring what these locations have to offer. But twelve months is a long time in the travel industry and with every New Year comes a host of new trends that will influence how, and where, consumers will be heading over the coming year.

    As tech has become more integrated into our day to day lives, cities such as Barcelona, Oslo and Vienna have driven innovation to enhance visits to their cities. Think super-fast public transport, city-wide free WiFi and USB charging points on every street corner… this will become even more important over the next year, with tourism boards doing all they can to entice consumers to choose them over alternative options.

    A recent survey has revealed that as many as 69% of UK travellers will be going it alone at some point this year, suggesting that solo travel will continue to rise in popularity in 2017. Last year saw a surge in women-only travel companies, perfect for consumers that are looking for enriching travel experiences. As pockets get tighter, we predict that ‘second cities’ will attract more visitors as cheaper alternatives to the capitals that are a bigger burden on budgets. Krakow and Marseille are just a couple of destinations that are already proving popular this year.

    Speaking of budgets, we can’t ignore how the unpredictability of the pound will impact where the holidaymaker decides to visit either.  Rather than spending savings on a summer holiday abroad, many consumers will opt for a UK break instead. Tourism at home has already benefitted from things like ‘The Poldark Effect,’ and with everything from our coast to crown appearing on screen in programmes such as Victoria, Countryfile and Game of Thrones, consumers have all the more inspiration to holiday closer to home this year. That said, the uncertainty and lower levels of confidence that have become commonplace will also make it harder for consumers to commit far in advance, making way for last minute bookings instead.

    So, where will 2017 take you?

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  • January 23, 2017
    Skegness, England - June 8, 2015: The end of Skegness pier, at sunrise, in June. Wind farm can be seen in the distance. In Skegness, Lincolnshire, England.

    Make Skegness great again, by Emma Baylis

    By lucreteam

    A report this weekend revealing that seaside resort Skegness has been ranked as one of the world’s worst holiday destinations has touched our hearts here at Lucre.

    Not only do a few of us recall happy memories spent on the beach (or at Butlins), but we think Skegness deserves the chance to redeem itself and perhaps just needs a helping hand in promoting its good points!

    Take a look at the likes of Hull and Blackpool – both of which have suffered from negative press for years and are now starting to thrive again following huge investment in advertising, PR and marketing campaigns. Hull has especially hit the spotlight as the UK’s City of Culture for 2017 and was today announced to be BBC Radio 1’s Big Weekend location. We particularly loved the use of their campaign hashtag #ForTheHullofIt which we’ve seen all over buses and billboards across Yorkshire.

    We think with a bit of love and attention to improve its “rough around the edges” reputation, a hard-working communications campaign and tailored social outreach inspired by previously successful campaigns could do the world of good, and make Skegness great again! After all, isn’t the staycation on the rise?


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  • January 19, 2017
    Super Mario

    Making the Most of Switch Search Fever by Rebecca Mann

    By lucreteam

    With March’s release of the Nintendo Switch console drawing closer, the internet is buzzing with the promise of new gaming experiences for 2017. Whether it’s the return of our favourite plumber pal in Super Mario Odyssey or the console’s unique combination of portable/home gaming, there are plenty of reasons to celebrate its arrival. And, as the hype only builds prior to 3rd March, we can look forward to being updated with conversations, reviews and analysis articles across the media for the foreseeable future.

    Watching Google Trends over the past months, and seeing the visible leaps in search traffic every time a new announcement or trailer is shared, it’s not just gamers that will be excited about the Nintendo Switch. As we saw with Pokémon GO in 2016, innovations in gaming also provide the PR and content creation communities with lots of opportunities too!

    From topical blog posts timed perfectly to support SEO plans to witty graphics that help reach new audiences on social feeds, there are numerous ways that brands can utilise trending topics to help their engagement/awareness strategies. It is important to note, however, that jumping on a band wagon is NOT a guaranteed recipe for success as can be seen in the below Pokémon GO example from 2016.

    Super mario post image 2

    With launches that have such an avid following and die-hard fan base, expectations and competition for content is especially high. So, if you’re planning to make the most of Switch search fever this year, here are five questions you may want to ask yourself before you get posting:

    -Is the topic relevant to my audience/is there a brand benefit to joining in the conversation

    -Have I got anything to offer to/further the conversation on this topic?

    -What are my objectives and when will I need to post my content to support them?

    -Will my content make my audience feel anything/want to respond/engage?

    -Have I done my research (including everything from the sensitivities involved to the correct hashtag I should use)?

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  • January 16, 2017
    Featured Video Play Icon

    What 2016 taught us in the world of video content…by Rose Dooley

    By lucreteam

    A New Year, a new start. 2017 has arrived and we’re already marching through the month with the force of a January gale force wind.

    But, as we focus on the new and exciting prospects that 2017 may hold, it’s important to look back and take inspiration from what we have learnt from the last year, especially in the world of video content.

    Here are some thoughts from our video department, Rich Reels…

    Learn to Evolve

    Whilst we’re are always on the lookout for new and forward thinking ways of creating video content, that doesn’t always mean out with the old and in with the new. Search engine giant Google has taught us the art of evolution, especially when it comes to its trademark ideas. Through the power of Google Maps, every Christmas Eve for the past 12 years, a whole generation of families have been able to track Santa as he makes his way around the globe. With virtual reality becoming a reality for video content, Google has embraced new technology and trends so that trackers can watch and interact with Santa’s very own dashboard camera from the front of his sleigh, allowing viewers an additional perspective to his progress around the world.

    Be part of the action

    Another popular trend of the past twelve months is the 360-video experience. A dream for travel marketing and a great way for charities to emotionally connect with their audience, 360-video allows consumers the chance to see a video from their own individual point of view, truly immersing themselves in the action. Check out one of our favourites from the Go Pro Bombsquad. The ‘Blue Skies’ video allows viewers to skydive, for three minutes and thirty seconds, from several thousand feet, all from the comfort of your screen.

    Never under estimate the power of social media

    Anyone heard of a family fun game called Pie Face? Was it from the clever video ads and digital marketing? Or was it your Facebook and Snapchat feeds full of your friends playing the game? In this instance, Hasbro and Rocket Games let the product do the talking on social media. A YouTube video from May 2016 of a grandfather and grandson playing the game went viral and led to the product selling out. By the end of 2016, back in stock, Pie Face had taken pride of place alongside Scrabble and Kerplunk alike in retailers. With kids, parents and even animals getting involved in the fun and sharing online.

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  • January 12, 2017
    Mintel report preview-food-drink-2017

    2017 Food Trends – What will (should) we eat? by Kristine Østergaard

    By lucreteam

    The beginning of a New Year often kicks off with a ‘new me’ attitude among many consumers. It’s always exciting to see what trends are being picked up and which will be left behind. World leading market intelligence agency, Mintel, has revealed its predictions on the six trends we can expect to see in the food industry for 2017, and here at Lucre we’re excited to see how these will evolve.

    In Tradition We Trust – More products will specifically link with the past in order to encourage trust among consumers. Rapid change, unpredictability and a tumultuous world are all circumstances said to make many consumers yearn for food with authentic connections to tradition and history to assure some sort of inherent element of trustworthiness. Consumers will therefore seek comfort from modernised updates of age-old flavours, formulations, and formats.

    Power to the Plants – Preferences for natural, simple and flexible diets are said to further expand vegetarian, vegan, and other plant-focused foods. A focus on healthier and cleaner lifestyles will motivate consumers to prioritise fruits, vegetables, grains etc in their diets and reinforce the growing interest in vegetarian and vegan products, as well as how to best reap the rewards of these foods. Following this we will see an acceleration in new products that casts plants in star roles and where technology plays a large part to ensure the ample supply of plant-enhanced food that delivers on taste as well as nutrition.

    Waste Not! – This year’s focus on sustainability zeroes in on eliminating food waste. Stigma associated with imperfect produce will begin to fade and the consumer’s acceptance of misshapen fruits and vegetables will improve. Attitudes towards waste will change and give way to opportunities to innovate by using materials that would otherwise have been discarded. Attention will thus be focused around innovations commercialising edible food waste and by-products of juicing and other production processes, as well as promoting the idea that inedible production waste can have an afterlife as compost.

    Time is of the Essence – Time investments required for products and meals will become as influential as nutrition or ingredient claims. Time is an increasingly precious resource and the time spent on foods that are fresh, nutritious, and customisable will become a clear selling point. This doesn’t mean food always have to be specifically fast, but that healthy products sharing their preparation or consumption time will become popular and find a way into more homes.

    The Night Shift – The late evening is tapped as a new occasion for functional food formulations. Technological advances make it harder for people to “clock out” and generates a need for products providing comfort and relaxation to help people calm down before bedtime in order to sleep better, and efficiently restore the body while they rest. We will therefore see more food products leveraging the tea category’s reputation by using chamomile, lavender and herbs in formulations promoted by their use as part of a pre-bedtime routine.

    Balancing the Scales – Health for Everyone! Healthy food is not a luxury. Inequality in healthy products is said to persist as lower-income consumers make up a large part of the worldwide consumer base and are at the greatest risk of a food-related health issue, such as diabetes and obesity. As many lower-income consumers already intent on improving their lifestyle, we will experience a greater focus on the affordability of healthy food and more campaigns and innovations concerned with making it easier for lower-income consumers to fulfill healthier eating ambitions.

    There are some interesting trends coming through the food industry this year and we’re looking forward to seeing which ones take off and which comes to a grinding halt.



    Source: Mintel ‘Global Food and Drink Trends 2017’ Report

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  • January 9, 2017
    Cocktail image 09012017

    2016 Cocktail trends – Hit or Miss? by Philippa Barker

    By lucreteam

    At the start of 2016, we worked with professional cocktail mix brand, Finest Call and distributor Cellar Trends to predict what we can expect to see rise and fall in the cocktail industry for 2017. With this, the team of drink connoisseurs and marketing professionals highlighted eleven trends set to take the industry by storm in 2016.

    1. Back to basics – classic cocktails with a twist

    2. Molecular Mixology – gels, foams, powders, atomisers, smoked cocktails

    3. Regional inspired cocktails – British Classics, Asian, Caribbean

    4. Unique spirits – Pisco, Cachaca, Mezcal, Digestives such as Amaros & Bitters

    5. Unique ingredients – vegetables and shrubs, dried and smoked fruit

    6. Low calorie cocktails

    7. Apertif based cocktails – spirit-heavy cocktails with less fruit and sweet ingredients

    8. Disco cocktails – fun cocktails but still high quality

    9. Homemade ingredients – gin infusions, barrel ageing

    10. Serving vessels – theatre will remain a key trend

    11. Rise of premixed cocktails and cocktail solutions


    With the year all done and dusted, we took the chance to see what predictions triumphed in 2016:


    2. Molecular Mixology – we saw ‘Molecular Gastronomy’ hit the UK food scene a few years ago and only recently did we start to see this tipple down onto the cocktail industry. The Alchemist recently expanded its offering to Liverpool providing drinks bubbling in dry ice, whilst London’s Breaking Bad style bar saw customers step into a chemistry-inspired cocktail lab where they are offered Nitrogen Cavitation to infuse their drinks.

    4. Unique spirits – consumer’s appreciation for ‘hand-made’ products is continuously growing and 2016 has seen more artisan products making their way into cocktail menus. Bars such as the Cocktail Trading Company in Brick Lane, London opened recently with a specific focus on unusual and rare spirits from around the world. Like the sound of that? Then ‘APairOTeef’ might be up your street, a refreshing mix of Pisco, Cardamom-pear infusion, white balsamic and sparkling wine.

    9. Homemade ingredients – craft has been and will be for a while a key element within the food and drink industry. From the explosion of small-scale breweries to the sourcing of local ingredients, mainstream to independent bars are tapping onto this trend. Only recently did restaurant and bar chain, Missoula, launch their new menu featuring their brand new ‘Steeped’ section offering a fresh selection of premium spirits infused with familiar tastes of Vanilla, Earl Grey Tea and Jasmine.

    With 2017 already set to be a big year in terms of food and drink, the enthusiasts here at Lucre are excited to see what there is in store.



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  • January 3, 2017
    Featured Video Play Icon

    Happy New Year!

    By katiepepper

    Back to work today after the festive break and we’re raring to go! 2017 is only hours in and we’ve already got some exciting activity in preparation for clients and looking forward to what the New Year has in store.

    But, before we move on too quickly, it’s worth taking a few moments to reflect on 2016, the achievements, the (mountains of) coverage, the quirky photostunts (sheep in a bar anyone?) and the amazing work which we do every single day….not forgetting the fun we have doing it! The talented Rich Reels team has put this short film together as a reminder.

    So from all of us at Lucre, wishing you a very happy 2017!

    Read >
  • November 15, 2016

    Travel Tuesday: World Travel Market 2016, by Graham McKenzie

    By katiepepper

    TravelMole’s very own Graham McKenzie tells us his experience of WTM this year…


    Well, the World Travel Market is over for another year. The global jamboree that takes place at ExCeL was, for the most part, very normal with thousands and thousands of travel professionals crowding into the east end of London to exchange business cards and hopefully signatures on contracts. It’s difficult to imagine the enormity of the industry but WTM does give one at least a hint. I think I have networked with a lot of people but my numbers are pathetic when you see the multitudes entering into conversations about dealings of which I have not a clue.

    It was for many, business as usual and many things remain untouched. Firstly the somewhat bizarre sight of destinations trying to recreate a bit of their homeland on enormous stands as if that might persuade people to come and visit them. I would like to know what percentage of the annual marketing budget goes into building a huge eagle or a cricket pavilion. The opportunity cost must be huge.

    Transport remains a challenge as each morning thousands try to get on the Docklands Light railway when it has been designed to handle only hundreds. Queuing for food and drink is a constant irritation as are the people who wander aimlessly between stands seemingly looking for inspiration rather than having set appointments. Stamina is still high on the list of requirements to make the most of the event as the days stretch into long evenings and early mornings.

    So what made the difference in 2016? Well this year, the days were reduced from three to four and quite frankly it was a lot better. The reduction in time I think focused people’s minds on arranging meetings and actually turning up. Traffic definitely reduced on the last afternoon as usual but the three day show made for a more structured, efficient and, in the end, productive show. Nobody missed Thursday at WTM.

    The other major, almost cataclysmic, event was the USA Presidential election result. I have been at the show after major disasters, terrorism atrocities and financial meltdowns but I have never seen such a reaction to a global event as we did on the morning of Wednesday WTM 2016. For the first two hours the majority of the USA exhibition stands were empty, nobody wanted to be quoted on the subject and some were almost in tears about the result. Travel is, as we know a very robust industry and after a while the reality had set in, chins were up and a relative sense of normality had returned.

    Time will tell as to the positive or otherwise effect of a Trump presidency on the travel industry but one thing I think is for sure is that this time next year the travel industry from around the world will again gather in London to discuss, debate, negotiate and hopefully conduct business as usual.

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  • November 10, 2016

    World Travel Market, by Philippa Barker

    By katiepepper

    WTM 4

    The World Travel Market is the go-to B2B travel event of the year, for all companies, be it large or small. Held at London Excel from the 7th – 9th November, the event sees thousands flock to the extensive exhibition venue to explore all there is to know on the travel industry, from giant palm trees to pop-up Costa Rican jungles to henna tattoos, this years extravaganza certainly didn’t disappoint.WTM 7

    With close to 5,000 exhibitors at this years show, standard was high when it came to an out-of-the bag stand, with attendees offering their careful critique – New York ‘apparently lacking creativity for the design capital of the world.’ Denmark hired the help of Troll dolls to publicise their offering, hooking onto the recent Dreamworks creation, whilst car hire company, Sixt, installed a bright orange spinning globe to catch attention.

    WTM 3

    Smells of exotic food filled the expansive space and people in native costumer roamed the stalls and for a small minute my imagination whisked me away to the seas of Kerala.

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  • October 31, 2016

    Fail, Fake or Fluke

    By Vickie

    Earlier this month, many of us witnessed an unsuspecting customer at an electrical store in Cornwall seemingly cause thousands of pounds’ worth of damage by knocking over four flat screen TVs in an almost domino effect.


    Uploaded to YouTube by the store, HBH Woolacotts, the video made the internet rounds and was picked up by British national papers as well as reaching international media. The video sees a customer appearing to be inspecting one of the TV monitors before losing his balance knocking over two TVs in front of him then backing away and knocking a further two to the shop floor.


    To many viewers, the video seems genuine using a store CCTV angle to promote its authenticity. However, the eagle-eyed of us out there were quick to jump on speculation calling the whole thing a hoax. From accusing the positioning of the TVs to the customer being an actor, people are still trying to piece together this internet puzzle. The store has been contacted but is issuing a “no comment” on the video, only adding fuel to the flame.


    Either way, it’s been a while since a FAIL video made it big and it’s nostalgic to see an internet classic appear on our newsfeeds once again.


    Watching the video, we’ve taken the following:

    1. FAIL videos can still be as popular as they once were, people love to watch other people make a catastrophic mistake with, what we hope, have seemingly harmless outcomes.
    2. The hidden camera/CCTV style videos that document real life are often the way forward for viral videos, as evidenced here. People love the weird and wonderful, especially if they can be a fly-on-the-wall.
    3. The online community are quick to debunk viral videos. Rightfully so, with a lot of companies looking to go viral with video content it’s hard to know what’s real and what’s not. In most cases however, it’s the suspicion that helps propel the video to viral status.

    We’ll be sure to keep an eye out for future FAIL videos, but even if we do question their legitimacy, they will still remain as entertaining as ever. You can watch the video here and make a decision yourself as to whether you think it’s a fail, a fake or a fluke.

    Is This Viral Video of a Clumsy Customer in a TV Store a Hoax?

    Read >
  • October 31, 2016

    Damn Daniel, back at it with LG

    By Vickie

    For those more internet savvy people, if we were to say “Damn Daniel” there’s a good chance you’ll know what we’re on about. Back in February this year a snapchat compilation video of an American school kid complimenting his friend, Daniel, quickly moved in to the internet hall of fame.


    The unexplainably entertaining video had people all over the world mimicking the “Damn Daniel” phrase. As with most memes, the hype eventually died down before being put on the back burner to make way for more memes and viral stories.


    Not for mobile phone giant LG however, who has rehashed the Damn Daniel video in its latest marketing campaign. In a bid to market its new phone model, complete with 16-megapixel camera, LG is releasing a series of viral video remakes to highlight how your next viral video doesn’t have to be shot on a poor quality camera phone.


    The video sees Daniel make a professional production level come back as he struts his famous white Vans alongside an R&B group. The group sings an original song about Daniel as well as mentioning all of the new features on LG’s latest addition. The whole video makes for an entertaining watch helped by the comedy aspect of the R&B group.


    Here are some things we’ve picked up on from the video:

    1. Companies are still up for piggybacking internet memes for sales, much the same as Virgin Media using Success Kid back in 2012.
    2. Applying your product/service to an organically generated internet hit doesn’t automatically make you a corporate leech. By using the Damn Daniel star, and enhancing the original video’s theme (an appreciation of Daniel’s smooth style) with an R&B group, LG managed to pay tribute to the video it was hi-jacking rather than forcing an unnatural message. It’s a good balance.

    We’re looking forward to seeing the other meme recreations LG has lined up, but you can watch the first Damn Daniel                one here.

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  • October 28, 2016

    Pies and puds aplenty for Lucre

    By Vickie

    We’re proud to announce two tasty new account wins for our Food & Drink division from one of the UK’s biggest food companies, 2 Sisters Food Group.


    We won pitches for both Holland’s Pies, based in Lancashire, and Derbyshire-based Matthew Walker Puddings.


    Holland’s Pies, Lancashire baker since 1851, will commence as a retained client, with Lucre tasked with building brand awareness in key sales areas as well as through digital and social media. A key area of focus will be highlighting Holland’s Pies’ innovation and product development, whilst also celebrating its heritage.


    Matthew Walker is the oldest Christmas pudding maker in the world and also makes premium sponge puddings, cakes, party food and seasonal desserts. It initially appointed us to support its own-label and branded festive pudding ranges however, has subsequently enlisted us to also launch its Matthew Walker Gluten Free sponge pudding range across social, consumer and trade media.


    Vickie Rogerson, The Lucre Group’s Food & Retail Director, said: “Matthew Walker Puddings and Holland’s Pies are iconic brands with iconic products, so we’re really excited to be working with them. Who doesn’t love puds and pies! It’s an exciting time for our Food & Drink division as we accelerate its growth with these two account wins.”


    Sarah Gibbon, Senior Category Manager, Matthew Walker added: “Christmas is the most important time of year for us so we need to elevate our products and expertise above the festive noise and really make a difference to customer’s pudding awareness and ultimately, drive sales. We were really impressed with Lucre’s creative campaign that perfectly merged social and PR and will help us communicate our key messages. We’re really excited to work together on this campaign to celebrate puddings in all their glory!


    Read > and Jet2CityBreaks New York Ball Drop Animation We worked with leading leisure airline and Jet2CityBreaks to produce a series of four exciting animations to feature on the brand's social channels. The animations featured details of a competition to win prizes, including flights to New York, to ... 16 0 46 secs
Yates Football Freestyle with John Farnworth Customers at Yates Manchester Printworks bar were given a surprise show by global freestyle champion, John Farnworth – check it out!

Catching the locals unawares, the trickster burst into the bar and showed off his fancy footwork to help build ...
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BIC #JustWrite Day 2016 trailer We created an animated trailer for BIC to build excitement and intrigue around the launch of the B.I.C - the UK's first handwritten newspaper for teenagers that explores a world without words.

Find out more about the BIC #JustWrite Day ...
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RICH IDEAS & INSIGHTS: Provenance vs Price The latest Lucre Group Ideas & Insights round table event brought together a panel of experts to discuss Provenance vs Price: The Future of British Food Post-Brexit. 8 0 114 secs
Shulmans award winning entry for the Yorkshire Legal Awards We worked with Shulmans to create a video which went on to win an award at the Yorkshire Legal Awards 40 0 211 secs
RT @LucreUK: How do tech companies woo us on #valentines? We take a look at some highlights of this year and what should be done: https://t…
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Getting Romantic with Technology, by Rose Dooley | I&I How do tech companies woo us on Valentines Day? ❤️️ We take a look at some of this year's highlights and how they could make the most of it in future.
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How do tech companies woo us on #valentines? We take a look at some highlights of this year and what should be done…
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RT @ShulmansLLP: Fantastic #TransportLeeds event today. Thank you to our panel and all who attended. #Leeds
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RT @ShulmansLLP: Shulmans partner, Andrew Latchmore, opening today's #TransportLeeds event
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Valentines Cinemagraph - Rich Roses are red 🌹
It’s Valentine’s time ❤️️
Now stop reading poems 📖
And pour me some wine! 🍷
Roses are red 🌹
It’s Valentine’s time ❤️️
Now stop reading poems 📖
And pour me some wine! 🍷
2 3
Keep it relevant – Facebook News Feed changes, By Brett Cullen | I&I 📱 Take a look at Facebook’s latest News Feed changes and understand what it means for your Pages’ content
Facebook is ramping up its efforts to make scrolling through News Feed a better experience with a series of recent updates ...
📱 Understanding Facebook’s latest News Feed changes and what it means for your Pages’ content:…
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Pusser’s Rum – Bringing the beach to the people The famous brand of rum, Pusser’s, celebrated Black Tot Day by setting up a beach in Camden. People soaked up the sunshine with tots of Pusser’s Rum and Pusser’s Cocktails in hand. 17 0 130 secs – Inspire & Explore, Dorset We worked with to create a series of inspirational videos that showcased the destinations described in the brand’s Inspire & Explore guide, including seaside holiday favourite, Dorset. The video is a visual guide for the region and showcases some ... 11 0 103 secs
Random Acts of Kindness with To celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Week (9-13th February), we worked with to surprise their passengers with gifts to welcome them home. When checking-in at Alicante Airport, flyers were asked what they missed the most about home, the Jet2 ... 34 0 151 secs – Inspire & Explore, Snowdonia We worked with to create a series of inspirational videos that showcased the destinations described in the brand’s Inspire & Explore guide, including the scenic, Snowdonia. The video is a visual guide for the region and showcases some of ... 11 0 120 secs
Lucre 2016 Highlights Wow, what a year we had in 2016! Here’s a quick look at some of our highlights featuring our fantastic clients and awesome people! 20 0 61 secs
Waste Not, Want Not by Ali Gwynne | I&I Did you know 7.3m tonnes of food is wasted in 🇬🇧 each year? Here's 6 things to help you cut down on waste & save 💷
It’s a common conundrum, you pass the supermarket on the journey home from work, ...
Did you know 7.3m tonnes of food is wasted in 🇬🇧each year? Here's 6 things to help you cut down on waste & save 💷:…
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Hello My Name Is - Home of the MeVie, video based recruitment 2 awesome new jobs, Account Executive with Lucre, Leeds & London!
Apply now Via MeVie™!
#job #hello #hellomynameis #dontmissit #MeVie
Video based recruitment portal for employers and job-seekers.
We go Greek with and Jet2holidays! We worked with and Jet2holidays to take over Manchester’s busy Market Street with a Greek dancing extravaganza. It was to mark the launch of a brand new destination, Halkidiki! 3 0 66 secs – Inspire & Explore, Peak District We worked with to create a series of inspirational videos that showcased the destinations described in the brand’s Inspire & Explore guide, including the picturesque, Peak District. The video is a visual guide for the region and showcases some ... 4 0 120 secs
📰 We’re delighted to reveal two PR wins for @JGStaircases and @ScottStoreyUK! 🏆

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England vs Wales Euro 2016 highlights One of the highlights of England football team's Euro 2016 campaign was the second group game with Wales... here are the fun highlights! 28 0 17 secs

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